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Tying-the-Knot Tuesday... the final countdown

We are at 3 weeks to go and things are really starting to come together. We got our tablecloths in the mail this week, as well as the cups and wine glasses we ordered. The tablewear is plastic, but pretty plastic. If you ever need more upscale plastic wear check out the site Smarty had a Party. They are really reasonable and the products are nicer than a typical party supply store. The round table cloths are orange and the rectangle are chocolate brown. I think they are going to look really good.

My mom busted her butt last week and got the guys vests sewn, my jacket sewn and made the skirt for our flower girl. Our friend Cliff who is making our "cake topper" (not really a cake topper, because we are having cupcakes, but it will go on the cake table) asked for photos of us in our finery, so we got some not quite perfect but you get the idea photos.

This week and weekend I am going to work on finishing up some of the crafting. Seth's bachelor party will have him out of t…

Tying-the-knot Tuesdays - Weddings and other disasters

It's official, there is a very little over a month until the wedding. My life is becoming all wedding all the time. But it will be here before I know it and afterwards I will be married to one of the most wonderful men I have ever met. Makes it all seem worth it somehow.

I have to tell you a story that starts out amazing, gets really scary (and kind of funny in hindsight) and ends back at amazing. I have said before that I was having trouble with my dress, like that it didn't fit. I considered buying the same dress in a larger size, but my color was retired. We went to talk to David's bridal and they said that the dress could probably be let out. Mom and I were going to take the dress to the shop on Tuesday, August 21, so on Monday night when Seth got home at 11:30 or thereabout, I decided I should try the dress one last time. And IT FIT!!! It zipped up with little to no problem and looked fabulous. I danced about for a minute in celebration and then asked Seth to get me …