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Tying-the-knot Tuesdays

This was a crazy productive wedding week. We had our first official wedding craft night. My crazy craft team (Cliff, Seth's mom Sarah, Niki, mom, Shmoo, my friend Julie and Seth) and I got an amazing start. Sarah and Niki got every single favor bag stamped. That's 200 favor bags!! They totally rocked it out. Cliff assembled some of the chain maille flowers for the bouquet. Mom, Shmoo, Julie and I made a bunch of the pieces for the bouquets. And mom got a start on the paper strips that will one day be paper chains. 

I am so flippin' happy that we got so much done. It really relieves my mind a bit that we can get this much done in one night. I feel like we can get things done, and beautifully. This wedding is going to happen and it is going to be gorgeous. 
We also got calls out this weekend for catering and for the photobooth for the wedding. I know there are ways to set up your own photobooth and such, but it is worth it to me to have them come set it up and run it and for m…

My weekend, redeeming 2012 a bit.

Things are feeling a little better around here now. I got my car back from the shop this week and she is good as new, though they had to remove some of my in car decorations in order to fix things, so I will have to do some fixing. I had a very successful night of wedding crafting on Friday, which I will post more about on Tuesday. On Saturday Seth and I went to lunch at Dirty Frank's again, and had some amazing hot dogs. This time I got their tofurkey dogs, instead of the all beef, and they were really good. This is what my yummy lunch looked like.
Their food is seriously yummy. The dogs are called (starting with the left) Puff the Magic Popper, Chicago and Beano, lol. After lunch we ran to the big downtown branch of the Columbus Metro Library. They had an amazing selection of audio books, so I grabbed a bunch to listen to at work. I also grabbed a couple of new print books. Makes me happy. And at the Library gift shop I bought myself a pair of adorable earrings that will benefit …

Tying-the-knot Tuesdays

This was a banner week for wedding planning. Seth and I talked things out, plotted and planned both Saturday and Sunday. We made some fun decisions, interesting realizations and necessary purchases.

I ordered my wedding boots from Clockwork Couture. They are pretty normal and not all that wedding-y, but I have a plan. These are the boots.
I will be adding buttons, yo-yo's, beads, etc to the side, changing the laces to something more feminine and possibly adding some glitter. I think they will be awesome though. 
I also found the tights/thigh highs that I want my sister (maid of honor) and I to wear too. I haven't ordered them yet, but I am hoping to soon. They are from Sock Dreams and I think it will be awesome to have these hiding under my wedding dress. 
We also decided on some of the favors, decorations, etc, but you will have to wait until next week for that, because this Friday is officially the first WEDDING CRAFT NIGHT!! Yay!! I am excited to get started and have a great n…

Playing Tag... And I'm it.

The lovely Toriz from Torizworld has tagged me and because it seems like fun I am going to play too. According to the rules I need to post 11 random things about myself, answer the questions Tori put together for us, tag 11 new people and make up 11 questions for them.

11 random things about me:

1. I have a deep speaking voice, but sing high soprano, so when I used to do musicals I would purposefully talk in a higher voice, so it didn't sound silly.

2. I have had several poems published.

3. I absolutely suck at playing video games and get frustrated really easy when I can not get the characters to do what I want. I blame this on having no gaming systems between the Atari 2600 and Playstation.

4. I love mannequins, styling heads, foam heads, glass hands etc. I don't know why but I could fill my house with them.

5. I love having people over and entertaining, but it stresses me out. I'm fine once people are here and things are underway, but before then I am a wreck.

6. I have…

Written Word Wednesday...

So, I read a lot, and listen to books on tape. Because of this I have decided to start a new feature which I shall call Written Word Wednesday. I am going to share some of the best of the books, graphic novels and audio books I have read recently, or am currently reading. Let me know what you think.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern Audiobook read by Jim Dale (narrator of the Harry Potter audio books.) This is an amazing book that I can not recommend highly enough. Well written, beautiful imagery and characters that you fall in love with. One of my new favorite books of all time. And if you do the audiobook, Jim Dale is one of the best narrators and really brings the story to life with his voice. 

The Fables series of graphic novels - This series is one of my favorite things in the world. The idea is that to escape persecution in their own world the fairy tale creatures move into ours. Snow White, The big bad wolf, Rose Red, and all your favorite heroes and villains are on hand with …

The LBD, a bathroom makeover and thoughts on meditation.

So as previously stated I have recently realized that I can wear my favorite little black dress, which I have been keeping in the back of the closet refusing to give away for 8 or so years. It is one of those one of a kind amazing fitting dresses and it has pockets. I had my Seth snap a couple of pictures of me in the dress before date night. It's a little hard to see, but you can get the idea.

Yesterday my mom and sister came over to help me paint my downstairs half bath. I did not think to take any before pictures, but let's just say the while room was a dingy white. We found an amazing green paint (apparently we like green paint) on the mistint shelf at my sister's home depot, so we used that and a black paint that we had already bought. We painted the vanity, medicine cabinet and trim black. 

I have a confession to make, I am a pagan and I can not meditate. I either blank my mind so much that there is literally nothing and doze off, or I will allow too much thought in an…

Getting a strange start...

2012 is starting out not so good for me. It could be worse, and I know that, but still.

On Tuesday I got up, worked out, got ready for work, walked out to my car and found that someone had smashed out my driver's side window, pulled out my center console and stolen the heating panel out of my car. WTH!! The heating panel?! I don't get it, but it happened, so I am currently driving a red Dodge Grand Caravan while my Beastie (my cars name is Beastie) is being repaired. I had this horrible fear that they might have to/ want to total my car, which with Seth not having a job would have been really bad, but luckily this is not the case. Yay!!

In a good note I bought an awesome offer through Groupon today. It is for a month long bootcamp work out program, where you do a boot camp class 3 days a week for 4 weeks. Plus with the package I bought you can also take 10 fitness classes like kettlebell and yoga. Why I like this one is that they offer classes at 5:15 am, which will actually w…

A new year... welcome to 2012.

to you and yours. 
I spent New Years Eve with my two favorite wenches and my favorite rogue. Much wine was drunk, creme brulee was eaten, karaoke was sung, conversations were had, laughter was shared, champagne bottles were opened with swords and catching up was done. It was a great night, but I have no photographic evidence. *sigh* Having too much fun to use a camera.

It's officially 2012. The year is beginning a bit questionably, but I have hope that it will all work itself out fairly quickly.

Seth is now officially unemployed. It could not have come at a worse time. We have so much wedding that we really need to get done/started, and we can't because we don't know when Seth will be employed again. The very scary possibility of possibly having to cancel the wedding altogether has been spoken of, but nothing that extreme will happen until absolutely necessary. For now I am going to do some workings to find him a job, and help him figure out where he wants to be. That and …