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The Road Trip...

So aside from the trauma at the end the trip to Joplin really was fun. On the way there we stopped at one of my favorite places call Driftstone Pueblo. It is off the St. Elmo exit in Illinois and it is this amazing shop that deals in Native American art, beads, feathers, leatherwear, and much more. Here are the photos of the beautiful metal sculptures and such in front of the store.

While in Joplin we went to lunch at Golden Corral. In attendance was my aunt's Annie and Cathy, my mom, my sister Traci, my sister Krystie, her boyfriend Bo, my nephew Hunter, his girlfriend Infinity, Seth and me. We sat and caught up, since we hadn't seen Krystie and Hunter in over a year. Here are some photos from the get together.

Race for the Cure.

My family and I formed a team this year for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure here in Columbus. Our team is Pink Poodle Power, because we have these silly pink poodle patches that we wear on our clothes for the breast cancer awareness walks. Our team consisted of myself, my mom, my sister Traci, my aunt Annie and Seth. Seth was such a good sport rocking his "I'm a pink poodle" shirt. The walk was amazing. Over 50,000 people participated. There was just a solid sea of people. So humbling and amazing. Here are some of the fantastic photos.

Altogether it was a great day. Later in the night we also attended the Hot Pink burlesque event hosted by Viva Velez. It was so much fun and almost all the proceeds went to the Komen fund. They requested no photos so I don't have any, but it was an amazing night.

Mother's Day.

I know it's been a day or two since Mother's day, but I still want to share the photos of breakfast with my mom and little sister, Traci. And of the flower shopping with my mom. So without further ado...