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High Anxiety

There are days, weeks, months where nothing seems to go as planned. Those times when even simple things seem complex and impossible. At those times in my life I become silent in social media and on my blog because I feel like all I will do is complain, but I think in reality I am selling myself short. Maybe by sharing my crazy and how I am making it through I can help someone else make it through. Or not, but at least I will feel like I am getting everything out.

I suffer from anxiety disorder and I am prone to panic attacks. I am completely un-medicated. This is more or less a personal choice. I hated the medications the doctor put me on. One made me feel off, and the warnings associated with it were harrowing. The other did help with the anxiety attacks, because it knocked me out cold within 5 minutes of taking it; technically it was incredibly effective if insanely impractical for regular use.

I also have problems with picking, which is absolutely a form of self-mutilation. I wil…