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Looking ahead to 2013

It's new year's eve and 2013 is upon us.

This year will begin with a bang for my family, because my little sister, Traci, ships out for basic training January 7. She enlisted in the US Army last summer, but delayed shipping so she could be in my wedding. It is time now, though, and she will be heading out in 7 days. On Saturday we are having a going away party for her, and then I scheduled next Monday and Tuesday off so I can be there as she goes, and then cry a lot. My sister and I are very close, and I am going to miss her like hell. I know this will be an amazing opportunity for her, but it still makes me sad.

Then in February my mom is moving to Columbus. Since my sister is leaving, mom decided that having an hour commute was silly when there was nothing to keep her in our hometown, so she found an apartment up here. It will be awesome to have her living so much closer (15 minutes away rather than an hour), but a February move could prove challenging. We will make it happe…

Winter Pagan Fitness Challenge - Goals

To jump start me back into good behavior, and get myself back on the right track, I decided to sign up again for the pagan fitness challenge. I have done it before fairly successfully, but this time I am going to pull out the stops and make myself push harder. This challenge goes to just after my birthday, which is March 14, so I am considering this a til my b-day goal list. I already had on my list of yearly goals a couple of health/fitness goals. Those are:

I will register and run warrior dash again (and do it in under 1 hour)
I will start taking belly dance again.
I will keep up my healthy diet and exercise program, and get down to a size 10. 
I will get to where I can do 25 regular push-ups. 
I will start skating and training for Roller Derby again. 
I will find a new family Dr. and go get a full physical, and get all my blood levels, etc. checked. 

These are great long term goals, but for this challenge I am going to set several smaller and more realistic. 

I will get back on track and l…

Yule Blessings!!

To celebrate Yule here with my blog friends I thought I would share the crafts I recently sent and received in the craftster WWP Yule swap. My partner was the amazing Jennden who sent an absolutely fabulous package. I hope she loves mine half as much as I love the package she sent me. First what I sent to her. She requested a handmade Goddess and God for her altar so I decided to sew them for her, then I painted her a moon painting in miniature, two bracelets, two ornaments, two bottles and a box full of candles and stones. Oh and a jingle bell necklace, just because it's fun. 

This is the beautiful package I received. She made me a beautiful Yule sign, an adorable bag full of ornaments and a cute little wreath, a yule log and a box filled with sparkly candle holders, a crystal and a pendant made from a fork wrapped around a tiger's eye. 

Wild lights 2012 at the Columbus Zoo

Sunday night Seth and I went with his parents, brother and sister-in-law and the nieces to the Columbus zoo to check out wild lights. It was gorgeous as always.