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Feeling Friday

Today has been a good day. My new function at work is fun and challenging. After work I picked up my new KitchenAid mixer. When I got home tonight I had a letter waiting from my lovely penpal in the UK Hannah. And accompanying the letter were some sweets, and an adorable tiny elephant candle. I made grilled cheese to go with my soup for dinner tonight and it was delicious. I did a mini spell that my brother and sister-in-law and their family get approved for the wonderful new house they applied for, so they can get settled before Christmas. Especially since it is the first one for our tiny nephew Gideon. I am snuggling with my cat and my dog, while watching the Columbus Blue Jackets play the Philadelphia Flyers.

I am feeling more like myself again. It was a little rough there in September and October. But things have been really good recently. Tomorrow I am a volunteer for Columbus' Craftin' Outlaws, after which we will be having Thanksgiving with one half of Seth's f…

Halloween slightly late

This has been an odd year for me. While normally my house would be ridiculously awash with Halloween bits and bobs, this year I have not put up a single decoration, not one. I bought a couple of new things, and they are sitting in bags unused. I guess every once in a while it is okay to have an off year. So for my celebration this year I am going to show pictures from a Halloween Party I attended this past weekend, and what I received and sent from the Craftster WWP Samhain swap.  Our hosts the moon and sun
Jen the Moon
A close-up of the moon paint
Chris the Sun
The moon and the pussycat
Me as a flapper
A close-up of 1920's me
My hubby ala duck dynasty
More of my hubby
A couple of force users
The captain...trekking
Kim as Ula
And as for the two swap packages I sent my partner The whole kit and kaboodle... Sea salt, a crystal, and candleholders
A candle snuffer, candles, etc.
A mini book
A cornucopia, fall butterflies, etc

Giveaway package!!

I got the package in the mail for one of the giveaways I was lucky enough to win. I am going to actually make the wreath tomorrow I think, but I wanted to post pics of the fabulous package. How beautiful is the box!!

More pictures to come once I have actually assembled the wreath. Hopefully before the end of the week. :)

Must be my lucky day...

I woke up this morning to learn that I had one not one, but two giveaways.

I won a copy of Coventry Magic by Jacki Smith from Rue and Hyssop. And I won a Samhain wreath kit from Samhain's Sirens.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. :) So excited.

Blessed Mabon...swaps, apples and blugrass.

Blessed Mabon to all! This weekend we went apple picking to celebrate, and to reap the rewards. Then we went to Thornville Ohio to the Backwoods Festival. I bought soaps from my favorite soap company Elder Forest Soaps, a wooden crow for the yard, a catnip toy for Sam, a sage lavender and flower smudge stick and some home made "pepper butter".

Today I received my Mabon swap package from the lovely Holistic Knitter. I sent her a set of prayer flags. She sent me a Mabon Dreamcatcher, an apple cozy and some autumn note cards.

Welcome Fall!!