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Belly Dancers and Vikings...must be Ashville

It is that time of year again. Time for fun, fraternizing and furs at the Ashville Viking Festival. Oh, and also for the beautiful bounty of belly dance that is the Odin's Orchids. Saturday was rainy and cold, but we were solid Vikings and endured. I wasn't able to get a great number of pictures Saturday, because the rain was so steady, but I did get some gorgeous pictures of the Belly Dancers.

Sunday was beautiful, and so many people came out to play. Seth was working overtime, so my mom came with me. We had a great time and got a ton more pictures.

Sweet lovers love, The Spring

It's Spring!! And life has sprung with a vengeance. I am not really complaining, but it feels like utter chaos at times. I was in my very first tribal belly dance performance with the lovely ladies of Sacred Shimmy Belly Dance. It was amazing, and beautiful, and I am truly proud of myself for getting up there and doing it. Seth, my mom, and my sister all came out to root me on and support me.  I got permission to bring along my niece, Moira, as well and it was beautiful to be able to share something I love so much with her. She danced with me during breaks and it was absolutely amazing.

My niece is so amazing and 7 going on 17. She wants to do this again, but next time she wants a skirt and flowers for her hair. I have work to do. Haha. Last week I got my second Raven tattoo. Hugin has now joined Munin and now I feel a little more complete. Zach did an amazing job, as usual. I love that he looks very different than Munin, and that it just feels like a brother, not a twin.  Th…