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My bridal shower was on Saturday. My sister, mother and aunts did an amazing job putting it all together. The decorations were so ridiculously gorgeous that I brought them all home to use for the wedding. :)

Tying-the-Knot Tuesday - Wedding Woes

My wedding is in a little under 2 months, and it seems like things are coming apart a bit rather than coming together.

My mother, who has been set to be our officiant since, essentially,  day one is getting cold feet, and is not sure if she would be comfortable officiating. She is afraid she will ruin the wedding, and that it would not be as meaningful as we want it to be. I know where she is coming from, but it puts a big wrench into our plans. Not only because we would be looking for an officiant a month and a half before the wedding, but also because I loved the idea of her being the one to perform the ceremony. To me it seemed the ultimate "giving me away". I also want her to be happy and comfortable too, though. This really sucks.

On top of that my dress still does not fit. I know I have some time still, but I am really scared it is just never going to fit. I am going on Friday to buy a back up dress, just in case, but the color I bought my dress in has been retired, so…

Look at all the pretty colors

The Color Run was on July 21 and it was a total blast. Other than getting a big poof of died corn starch to the right ear. Otherwise it was a messy, colorful joyfest. Here is what it looked like.

It was seriously so much fun. :) We got messy and colorful and sweaty and loved every minute. 
Beyond that I have joined a gym in the last couple of weeks to get my butt back in gear and lose the last of the weight I want to lose. I have about an inch to go before my dress will fit, and it has to happen. So I am working hard now to get there. I am taking a boot camp class and a weight loss class through the gym. I am sore and I feel amazing. 
School is almost done for the quarter, thankfully, and then life will become all wedding all the time, lol. 2 months to go as of Monday!! Ack.