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It's just like riding a bike.

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I did not end up taking the new job. It is a long story, but is all for the best. I am happy where I am, and I feel like this is directing me in a different way, so I am moving on and looking forward. Around the same time we got a call that Seth's Grandma White, who was battling lung cancer, had taken a down turn and we should come see her. We spent some time with her for a couple of days, and then she passed. Seth's dad took it very hard, since Grandpa White passed away less than a year before. Seth was sad, but knew that in the long run it is better that she is not suffering. On August 8 I dedicated my 25 mile ride in Pelotonia to Seth's grandma. I had decorated my bike, and it looked so cute. I also made a black arm band that said "riding in memory of Charlene White". I learned a lot in my first year. I will never ride it again on a cruiser bike, there were hard core riders passing me telling me how brave I was; um, what…