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A Witches Tea Party (or how to start a yearly tradition) Day 1

A Witches Tea

Once upon a Saturday, so near to Halloween Some witches came over to play, and to have a witches tea. 

The table was set for a holiday with yummy treats and cups to spare

Spiders, skulls and spooky things were present everywhere

A bouquet of autumn flowers were a lovely sight to see

And my eyes delighted at the sight of the treats in store for me.

The mantle was all decked out in it's spookiest best

And the sideboard was so scary it would impress the witch of the west The guests began arriving and who would we first see
Witch Sarah, my future mother-in-law in her witchiest toggery

Glenda (Jamie) and Witch Martha made a very Oz-y pair

Witch Niki's beautiful green hat was the envy of everyone there

Endora (Mom) was in attendance, with no Samantha in tow.

And Shmoo came dressed as a Marvel character I didn't even know. 

Double, Double this looks like trouble made of sisters three Mom, Cathy and Anniebob enjoy the revelry

Get off your Broom update

My check in: This week I worked really hard to try to make up for last weekend and all the craziness that involved, so when I weighed myself on Friday morning I had taken off almost all the weight that I put on.  But then I went to another big Halloween party on Saturday and it all went to hell again. The adult trick or treating was a blast though. And I did dance for 2 hours straight, so I feel like I made up for some of the naughty.  I guess we will see on Saturday, which is my weekly weigh in day, how bad I really was. 

This morning I tried a new workout video I bought ( Biggest Loser - Cardio Max) and it kicked my butt. Wow. I am stiff tonight. Bob sucks. Lol. 

My Week 3 Stats
Weight 204.7 (at official weekly weigh in)
Chest 44
Waist 39
Hips 43
And I am adding in...
Right Thigh 23
Right Arm 14.5

Part 1: How balanced is your diet? Are you eating healthy, wholesome natural foods or are you simply eating less crap than before? 
Well, I am definitely eating less crap, but with the weight w…

Halloween Party with A Fanciful Twist - 2011

I decided once again this year to join Vanessa from A Fanciful Twist in a Halloween Party in blogland. This year though I decided to have an actual Halloween party and post the photos from that. So welcome to my party. Grab a butterbeer ( Killian's Irish red with a shot of butterscotch shnapps) and enjoy.

Get off your Broom update and Tying-the-knot Tuesday...again.

I did not intend to keep combining these two topics, but apparently that is how it is working again this week. Next week I will try to separate these out because they really aren't very related, but for now it will work.

Get off your Broom. 

This was a particularly hard week for me. I did well with work-outs Monday thru Thursday, but then I had Friday off, so I did not take the time to work out. I did a lot of cleaning though, and more cleaning, and more cleaning. And then on Saturday I had two separate Halloween parties at my house. The first was a witches tea for the ladies of our families. I had a really good turn out, and lots of amazing foods, which is where things got dangerous. After a couple of hours of tea and snacking the ladies left and we began to reconfigure the house for our adult party. Also a great turn out, but even more food, and worse snack foods. Couple this with alcohol and coming down from the stress of getting the house together and I went down hill badly, si…

Countdown to Halloween

I have a crazy whirlwind of a weekend ahead. I have two, that's right two, Halloween parties at my house tomorrow. I did this to myself, so I won't complain too much, but I may have overextended myself a bit this time. Eek. The first party is a Witches Tea for the ladies of Seth's and My family. So far we have confirmed 8 ladies, but I have the feeling more will show up having not RSVPed, sigh. Later in the night will be the large friends gathering, adults only. This one has 15 confirmed and again probably more than that will actually show up. I will post pictures of the ensuing craziness, but for now will leave you for now with some of the gorgeous Halloween things I have found and added to my pinterest.


Source: via Betsy on Pinterest

Source: via Betsy on Pinterest
Source: via Betsy on Pinterest
Source: via Betsy on Pinterest

Get off your Broom update and Tying-the-knot Tuesday

I realized that I never did my Get off your Broom weekly update this week. I'm a slacker that way. I thought I would do it now then to update everyone who is following.

I got up every weekday morning to work out for an hour before getting ready in the morning. I am taking the stairs instead of the elevator to the 5th floor where I work. I am still doing my WW stuff. I even downloaded a new app for my phone to replace my written food journal which was almost full. The weekend saw a bit of change though. We went to the Renaissance festival on Saturday and if you have never been let me just say that like any fair most of the food is fried or junk food. I didn't do too bad and offset a lot of the eating with all the walking. Sunday was my family reunion and that is just a full day of eating. Again I didn't do too bad, but it was still more than I would normally eat. In the end I came out with a little gain, but feeling really good. Starting the new week I am going to focus on …