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Komen Race for the Cure - Columbus

Since my mom is a 3 year survivor, my family and friends form a team every year and walk. This year we were 7 strong, and had a fabulous time. My friend Janet had back surgery yesterday and did not get cleared to walk, so she and my friend Buffy decided not to walk but came to watch and cheer us on.

Getting Schooled

Another semester of school is behind me. This semester was really hard for me, because I have to take more math courses since I switched my major, and Algebra II was on my schedule. I am proud to say that in spite of my mathematical ineptitude I still managed to get an A I also took my final prerequisite English class as well and also aced it. So it was a good semester overall. In fact I am quite proud of some of the papers I wrote for my English class. They were really good. And I'm not just saying that because I wrote them. 
Summer courses start on the 20th and I am taking 10 credit hours instead of the usual 7 or 8, because if I take three classes a semester through next spring I should graduate with my associates of the arts this time next year. For summer I am taking: College math - which is intimidating as hell for me as the description includes the word trigonometry, yikes; American history to 1877 - which should actually be kind of fun; and Intro to Folklore - which is rig…

Beltane Love ( just a little late, but so fabulous who cares? )

I received in the mail today a beyond fabulous package from the amazing and uber-talented P_E_S_T in the Craftster Beltane WWP Swap. I cried, literally, and then called my mom to tell her how amazing this package was. It is really that cool.

First there was a card, with a kitty. 

And inside the card it said
Here is what all the fabulous parcel's looked like
Inside Parcel #1 I found

Inside parcel #2 was...
And when added to my holiday "tree" 

Found in parcel #3 was...

And in parcel #4
So I can create my own yarn flowers. 
I was so excited that I had to share with everyone else. I am in love with every piece and that Goddess will have a happy home on my altar. She is so beautiful.

Dreams of Vegas

So...Seth an I never got to go on a honeymoon last year due to his layoff. We decided then that for our 1 year anniversary that we would go somewhere to celebrate. We tossed around many ideas but we finally decided on

We got an amazing deal, so we will be staying at Circus, Circus for 6 nights. With that and airfare out and back we payed about $955.00. And you just can't beat that. We chose to pay less for a hotel, because we don't figure we will be in it much, and it lets us afford to see a couple of shows and do some of the attractions. 
We know we would like to see a Cirque show while we are out there, probably Ka. We also found out the Bodies exhibit will be showing while we are out there, so we would like to do that since we missed it while it was in Columbus. We also want to ride some of the roller coasters, like the one on NY, NY. 
I would also like to do the zip line that takes you under Fremont St, but we shall see. 
I am beyond excited though. It has been years since…