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Starting a new year

And it is 2015. I will be 34 in a couple months. We will celebrate our third anniversary. I will have a year without school so we can get ready for the chaos of finishing my bachelor's degree.  I am looking at this as a rebuilding year, getting ready for the things ahead. My word of the year is: Evolve. This year I am going to work on making my life work more efficiently. I will be adjusting and adapting in preparation for what is ahead. My 2015 goals are: to complete 6+ 5ks, 10ks or whatever, to do a mud run, to take a pole dance class, do more with the lost vikings, attend Earth Warrior's again, do a ropes course or zip line, attend another pagan event, get bowling ball drilled, bowl a 200 game, go hiking 6+ times, go camping, take a class from Heather at Violet Flame Gifts, Find a new gym that offers group fitness, keep my house picked up at all times, do paintball, get necessary house repairs done, work on meditation. I have a good start on a lot of this, and I feel li…