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Coming Soon...

It's a long weekend, Huzzah. And it's the opening weekend of the Ohio Renaissance Festival!! I'm not sure which day, but we are definitely going to make a trip down this weekend. I am having the pleasant problem that with my weight loss my bodices are becoming too big. I am going to do some rigging in the next couple of days to get them to fit like I need them to. I need to invest in new, but I don't want to do that until I reach my final weight, which I haven't yet. I am also going to convert a far too big Chemise into a skirt. I'm going to be busy the next couple of nights getting ready. It's worth it though.This wench is ready to get into the swing.

I think on Saturday I will be bringing my dad's wife, Lesley, into Columbus to take her to some of my favorite local thrift stores. Lesley is awesome and I hope I can help her find some great finds.

Next Saturday is the Gypsy Dreams Blog Party. And it is the day of the birthday party for our niece, Moira.…

Tying-the-knot Tuesdays

In order to keep my blog from falling into complete and utter wedding chaos as we are approaching the one year out mark and I am beginning to panic already I am going to start having Tying-the-knot Tuesdays where I can ramble and panic about my upcoming nuptials.
I am planning to handcraft so much of the decorations, handouts and finery. I need to get started soon like.
I'm not planning to do this alone though. I will have help from my family and truly anyone who will volunteer to help. I have every intention of holding craft nights, where I have people over, order pizza and we all watch movies and work on wedding crafts. Actually sounds like a lot of fun.
Right now my lovely fiance and I are in the process of deciding a location for the event. I had wanted to have the ceremony outside, but I also would like to have the wedding and reception in and around the same venue. I am not sure if I can make all these things happen at once, but I am remaining hopeful and weighing all option…

Monday Moment...


Things to play with, Things I've made and Things to look forward to

A couple of days ago I received the beautiful stationery I won from Faye at Aradia's Cauldron. I was so excited and have finally gotten pictures of the amazing papers she sent me.

Earlier in the year I was working on my Viking Garb for the Ashville Viking Festival and my sewing machine died. Very literally. It got slower and slower and slower until it just stopped working altogether. So since April I have been without this most vital of tools. Not a good thing. Well a few weeks ago Joann's had a sale going and I just could not resist. This is my new toy.

I was pulling out some of the supplies I bought last year or the year before for Halloween that I would like to complete this year. There are skulls to paint, and bats, and little figurines, and witches hats. Here's some of the raw material to be finished before my Halloween party.

I also want to show off a bit because I made myself a necklace this week and I think it is fantastic, so I will share it with my friends here.…

Bagpipes, Nature and Muscle Cars

An odd combination of things no doubt but perfectly encompassing some of the activities of my last two weekends. I thought I would share some photos from some of the fun. The following were taken either at the Dublin Irish Festival, while hiking at Blackhand Gorge or on the streets of Heath Ohio during the Mopar nationals.

So much fun... so little time.

We are headed to Newark (the one in Ohio not the one in NJ), my hometown, tomorrow to spend the day with my mom, go hiking, check out the Mopar cars in town for National Trails this weekend and have a bonfire night. Then on Sunday it is off to the zoo with Seth's family for another day of fun. Busy weekend, but hopefully incredibly good too.

Then to add to the list of amazing things I have going on right now, next Saturday I am headed to Cincinnati with my friend Jeff to see... Stevie Nicks. I can not explain to you how excited I am about this. He is paying for my way as long as I can get him there. I love her so much and I know this show will be amazing.

Speaking of Stevie, if you check out my side bar you will see that I am joining the Practical Magic blog party hosted by Frosted Petunias. I love the movie, and the book, and the soundtrack, so I am going to work up something amazing for that. If you would like to come play click the link and join up. 

Things to look forward to...

I have a bunch of awesome things coming up in the next couple of months so be on the look out for posts about the following things. Going to the Dublin Irish Festival this evening. A couple of trips to the zoo, one for Seth's Dad's company picnic and one for my Mom's birthday. Country Living Fair 2011 is the weekend of September 16 - 18 at the Ohio Village here in Columbus again this year. Mom, Traci, me and maybe my Aunt Gayle will be attending again this year. On October 5, my mom and I are going to see the Club Belly Dance tour as it comes through. Club Belly Dance is the smaller tour of the Belly Dance Superstars tour, so it should be an amazing tour. Also in October will be  many Halloween events including my first blog giveaway. I know what I am going to do, so be watching because it is going to be a good one.
I am so ready for the fall festivals and such to start. I love fall. I bought the book Autumn Equinox by Ellen Dugan this week and I am loving reading about fa…