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10 people and 9 dozen eggs equals...

Our egg decorating party. It started at 1 pm on Saturday and our last guest left about 8:30 pm. Our atendees were my mom, sister Traci, Cliff, Jerry, Chris, little Moira, Julie, Juliana, Seth and Myself. It was way too much fun and is going to become a yearly thing I have no doubt. Here are some of the images of egg art.

Blessed Ostara!!

It's the Spring Equinox and wow does it feel like spring. I went out last weekend (before the crazy cough hit) and worked on clearing out some bushes and trees from my backyard. And now my backyard looks/is about twice the size. It is amazing.

Here are some shots of my Ostara decorations and my altar, all ready to add flowers and do my ritual. 

This Saturday I am having an egg decorating party and will have more photos after that. It should be crazy fun. I am so excited. 
Ostara Blessings!!