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Magickal Monday - Birthday Eve

Magickal Monday
Tomorrow is my birthday. So the spread I am doing for this week is the Birthday Spread, which I found on Pinterest.

1. Last Year: IV of Wands - Stability. Strong Foundations. Marriage. Domestic life. Peace. Prosperity. Romance. 
2. Let go of This: Knight of Cups *Reversed* - Deceptive person. Falsehood. A scam. Feeling Stuck. Allowing yourself/ feeling like you are being pushed in a direction you do not want to go. 
3. Gift: IV of Pentacles - Selfishness. Putting material gain over all else. Control over your own life. 
4. Embrace This: Ace of Pentacles - Perfection. Balance of material and spiritual realms. Prosperity. Having the will to succeed. Manifestation. New financial opportunity. 
5. Next Year: IV of Swords *Reversed* - Renewed vigor. A return to daily life and events. Activity. 
A lot of this lines up with my current plans, and goals for the next couple of months. I will take it. Hopefully this means a new job is heading my way. Please, please, please. 
I ha…

Magickal Monday - The Mind Blind Witch

Magickal Monday
This weeks three card spread is the Build a Bridge Spread from as found on Pinterest. 

1. What is your current situation? - XII The Hanged Man - Feeling trapped. Confined. Self-limiting. Uncertainty. Lack of Direction. Indecision. Needing release. Letting go. Take a chance, and make things happen. 
2. What do you really want? - Queen of Swords - Quick thinker. Organized. Perceptive. Independent. Highly Intelligent. 
3. What is the best strategy to get you there? - Two of Wands - Creative use of energy. Bringing together ideas. Focusing on a single objective. Working together for a common goal. Unifying forces. 
This makes sense to me. I am indecisive and pretty resistant to change. I want to be a person who can make smart quick decisions. To get there I need to use what is good about both these sides of me, and combine them to reach my goals. 
So...several months ago an online friend (Danni) posted a link to an article that was talki…

Written Words Wednesday - The return

Part of my reinvention of my blog is the resurrection of Written Words Wednesday. I do not know if this will have a specific form, or if it will end up being more fluid, but I am committing to bring it back.        Some things about me: I am an admitted bibliophile; I love the smell, sight, and feel of books. I am currently working on my B.A. in English/ Creative Writing with a specialization in Non-fiction. Some of my favorite authors are: William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Christopher Moore, Charles deLint, and so many more. I have never read a Jane Austen book, anything by a Bronte or any book of that style clear through, and I think that Wurthering Heights is impossible to read because all of the characters are unlikable. Now that you know a little bit about me let's explore some books. 
      Throughout written and oral history you will find tales of the Tricksters; those Gods who inspire chaos wherever they go. Tricksters are not all g…