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A preview of things to come...

With my new school schedule I will be blogging mostly later in the week and on weekends. So if you don't hear from me for a bit, I'm just trying to do homework. :) 
Later this week I will share what I bought at the Country Living Fair, show you a possible wedding venue, and on Friday post my first Halloween/Samhain blog.
More to come very soon.

Mabon Blessings!!

It's FALL!!!! My favorite season. Time for leaves falling, pumpkins, hot cider, soups and stews, a chill in the air, sweaters, the colors, Samhain/ Halloween, Hiking... ah...autumn I have been waiting all year.

Mabon was this week and I took a couple of pictures of my altar and thought I would share. So here is Walter the Altar all dressed up for fall... I am jokingly thinking of it as my falltar. And how great are those fall candlesticks which were $1.99 each at Goodwill.

I also got my Fall wreath together and up, though I may be altering it a bit. I think the little fat bird is a bit too much. What do you think?

This weekend is the Country Living Fair at the  Ohio Village. I am going with my mom and my Aunt Annie on Saturday. I'm really excited and hoping that I can get some pictures to share.

Come party with us...


There is more to life than the Wedding.

I had a very sudden but not altogether shocking realization that the wedding is 2 years away, but I start school next Wednesday, maybe be starting a belly dance class in the next couple of weeks and I am planning to have a Halloween party in a little over a month. Maybe I should start turning my attention more to these things and put the wedding on a back burner. I told you I was going wedding crazy, lol.
I got my book money from the school in the mail today which is exciting. I am going to run over to the college on Saturday to buy books for my classes and get my picture taken for my school ID. It's funny because I don't think I have realized that I am actually going to school. It hasn't quite sunk in. I guess I will understand on Wednesday when I have my first class.
I am trying to find a belly dance class that does not conflict with my classes and are closer to home. My other classes were on the other side of town so I would either have to entertain myself for 2 hours a…

Getting ready for Samhain...

I have officially decided to join The Domestic Witch in her Halloween/ Samhain Blog Party. So get ready because as of October 1 I'm going to be holiday crazy. This is my absolute favorite time of the year and I am going to share it with you all. So keep watching for that. It's going to be fun. I have a lot of things up my sleeves already. Mwahahaha!!

I have started compiling a list of random wedding ideas, for colors, decorating, clothing, style, and everything else, so I thought I would share. In absolutely no particular order : Pumpkins and Gourds. Fall foods. Velvet and wool crazy quilts. Velvet and brocade skirt. Bell jars. Ball jars. Colored bottles. Mums. Fall Leaves. Acorns. Branches with Fairy Lights. Granny Boots.Gold. Topaz. Scarlet. Purple. Rust. Dark Blue. Candles. Mismatched crockery. Crystals. Candelabras. Chocolate Brown. Ivory. Pearls. Ribbons. Jumping the broom. Fall woods. WaistCoats. Cameos. Firepits/ Bonfires.

The date is set...

and it is October 6, 2012.(Thank you Andreann. I was rushing myself a I know that is two years away, but since I am planning to craft as much as possible I am going to need the extra time. Plus with Seth and I paying for the whole wedding it gives us time to get funds together and divide the cost over time. I have a lot of ideas, and am planning to start working on some of the craftier stuff soon. My mom is going to make my dress and probably at least pieces for the entire bridal party. The bridal party is not going to be very big. Right now we are thinking just a Maid of Honor, Best Man and Flower Girl. Oh and my oldest friend will have a special role as Ring Misress, lol, as long as she accepts. My mom got this amazing silver box at Swappers Day for free I think and we are going to use that as the "ring pillow". All it needs is a good polishing and some tlc.

I am going to try really hard not to turn this into a wedding blog. lol. So...I'm going to limit how o…

The holiday weekend is over...sigh...

It was a great one too.

On Saturday we went to the zoo with my Mother and Sister. It was a nice cool day and the animals were out and active. Mom and Shmoo had not yet seen the new Polar Bear exhibit so we headed there first but we actually hit the whole zoo. No wonder we all wanted a nap afterward. lol. Mom got some great pics of Seth and I, which is awesome because we have no couple pictures. Here is the zoo photo wrap up.

Aren't we super cute!! 
On Monday we went to the Ohio Renaissance Festival. We met our super awesome friends Jean, Pete and Sarah there. We caught several shows including the Naughty Navels belly dance with the amazing Laylia. ( I am actually considering changing to her classes. ) Then we had a wench meet up, and though we are not sanctioned for the Ohio faire we all walked about together giving out kisses and hugs of the Hershey variety. Some of the shows got a little bawdy yesterday. The quote of the day " To all the kisses I've snatched and vice ver…