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It's Wednesday already?

I can't believe how quickly this week has gone by. I have been working on getting together a retirement party for one of my co-workers, Mary. I'm glad that my bosses trust me to arrange these parties and such, but really? Every single one. A couple of weeks ago I was on vacation and when I got back they told me " We are having a potluck on Friday and you are arranging it." Oh, okay. So bizarre. Not that I don't appreciate the break from the same old same old. But it can be distracting and make real work hard to do too. Enough with complaining, the party is on Friday and I actually think things are coming together pretty well. I ordered the veggie trays and cheese trays, I have the card going around, the cake is ordered, I bought decorations, we have a plan for buying the gift on Friday...things are coming along. And since I can not resist a chance to craft I decided to create 3 scrapbook pages for guests to sign, as Mary is a scrapbooker. I'm happy with how …

Boobie Cakes and Vikings...

To celebrate the end of my mom's chemotherapy, the ladies in my family had a party on Friday night. It was Mom, Shmoo, AnnieBob (my aunt), Cathy (my other aunt), Lynsi (my cousin) and Kynadey (Lynsi's daughter). Oh... and me!! Cathy and Lynsi ordered mom an awesome cake.

What you can't really read says Congraulations Karla Jo, and it has pink breast cancer awareness ribbons all over it. It made everyone laugh. Aside from the cake we ordered pizza and chatted a lot. I'm so glad that mom is close to the end of all of this, just the radiation therapy left and then hopefully that's it forever. She has been so amazing and positive through this, if she hadn't been my hero before she would be now.
On Saturday Seth and I went to the Ashville Viking Festival. Seth wore the new garb I made him and it looked amazing, but we forgot the camera so we don't have any pictures. I think we are going to go to the OSU Renaissance and Medieval Faire this weekend so maybe I can …

Just had a nice weekend.

It's almost over, but it was a nice one.
Friday night I had my Lia Sophia party. Besides Heather the consultant, my mom, Seth's mom Sarah, Niki, Moira, Aunt Gayle and Wendi were in attendance. It was just a nice night. I certainly didn't set any records for sales, but I wasn't trying to. I just wanted to have a nice night with the ladies and that was definitely accomplished. We ordered pizza and laughed a lot. Just a really great time.
Then yesterday I needed to get some sewing done, so we ran quickly to Joann's to get some fabric I wanted. Then we came home and I made Seth's Viking Tunic, which turned out better than I even thought and I got his pants mostly done, but I still need to hem them and put in the drawstring, but that should only take a couple of minutes. The tunic was pretty involved, and I was trying really hard not to cut corners like I tend to. I was glad I didn't because it looks so nice. We are going to the Ashville Viking Festival this weeke…

Pretty Damn Depressing...

I went to the Doctor yesterday and when she came in she said she was worried because apparently I have gained 14 pounds in the last year. OMG is that ridiculous and mortifying. How does that even happen? and worse how did I not notice? She seems to think that I may have a thyroid disorder, as this type of weight gain is abnormal. So she took blood and I should find out about that in the next couple of weeks. But I am pretty much completely disgusted with myself at this point. I know things are getting bad when my doctor is suggesting weight watchers, which I am actually considering doing. I also want to join a gym of some sort. Something has definitely got to give though. This is just depressing.

Happiness is a bouncy castle!!

It was a mildly hectic weekend.
We went to a birthday party for my cousin's daughter Kynadey who is three. They had rented a giant bouncy castle for the event and on the request of Kynadey I got into with the kids and wow it was fun. I had forgotten I guess. I brought the Bunnies I made for my family and everyone loved them, in fact at first they thought they were bought and were a little shocked that I had made them. That makes me pretty proud actually. I got Kynadey craft supplies for her birthday and she loved it all... yep that's me encouraging a new generation of crafters!!
We also went to my mom's for a bit to see Shmoo's new car and for them to give Seth his birthday presents. Shmoo's car is nice, especially since they bought it for $500 from one of her coworkers. I need to get/make her a carwarming gift.
After that I came home to do my last minute dash to the finish on the Roller Derby swap. I really love the pieces I made though. I made her a two necklaces, o…

My Knight...

in chainmail.

Our friend Cliff while he was over on Saturday, brought in the chainmail he has been making for Seth to try on. He's done an awesome job and here are the pictures of my barbarian. The mail is Cliff's but the sword is Seth's. Isn't it pretty?

It's a religious holiday for some...

just a day for me really, but it's a day when a relative will feed us ham, so I'm okay with that. Happy zombie Jesus day to those who celebrate though.

We went with a group of friends to see Clash of the Titans yesterday. It was pretty damn disappointing. The 3D was it was retrofit, and in fact was pretty distracting. Now that I know I would suggest to everyone to watch it in 2D because there were funny parts and the plot was not god awful...basically the 3D was disappointing.

Afterwards though we had a few friends over and had a great time just hanging out. I miss seeing them on a regular basis for gaming (we are dorks). Hopefully we can see more of them going forward.

Oh, I wore my new "Alice" Headband yesterday and here is an action shot.

I'm really crappy about blogging...

I will try really hard to remedy this.

I got my crafts done for my Alice swap partner and out on time. She received and loved them and here are some pics.
The White Rabbit and a dormouse pincushion.

A teapot bracelet, and "mad hatter" necklace and cuffs
A journal based on Syfy's alice, 2 bookmarks and a coloring book.

I was really happy with how everything turned out. I received my package from strawberryjeli today and it is amazing . I will post pics tomorrow, but I received a mini top hat, a lolita style headband that I can not wait to wear, a caterpillar necklace (love it), an alice keychain and a fantastic wall hanging based on the new Tim Burton Alice with the poem the Jabberwock on it. I feel utterly spoiled. Here's a shot of the package from my phone. I'm working now on my Roller Derby swap and I am having a great time playing with shrinky dinks and prismacolors. I'm planning a necklace (at least one) and a charm bracelet of many colored winged skates.…