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Food Truck Festival

On Friday my mother and I wandered over to The Columbus Commons for the Columbus Food Truck Festival. It was a gorgeous fall like Ohio night and we had a delicious time. After wandering around a bit, we finally decided to try Vietnamese food  from a truck called Mai Chau. Mom got a Bahn Mi sandwich with ginger slaw and lemon grass chicken and I got a noodle bowl with siracha pulled pork. Everything was so good and so fresh. Yum. Here is a look at some of the sights.

Two Nights in Newark - Part 2

Saturday night we were back in Newark because it was time once again for the Mopar Nationals, so Mom, My sister, Traci, her girlfriend, Amber, Seth and me all trekked down to Newark to check out the awesome cars.

I also picked up my brand new pink glasses, but apparently did not get a picture of myself in them. I will remedy this and post as soon as possible, because they are super cute and I love them.

This is going to be a ridiculously picture heavy post, but if you enjoy classic cars this post is all for you. If I had been wearing a bikini I might have jumped on top of these for impromptu photos, but alas...

Two Nights in Newark (Ohio) - Part 1

I grew up and spent the majority of my life in Newark, OH which is a town about 40 miles East of Columbus. This past weekend I spent not one, but two consecutive nights in my hometown.

Friday night Seth and I went down to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Violet Flame Gifts, a pagan shop that is run by my friend and one time teacher Heather Killen. She taught the Wicca 101 class that got me started in the craft oh so long ago. She also is one of the founders of the Earth Warriors Festival, an adult only pagan festival for all walks that will be held Sept 26-29. For the shops anniversary Heather got Sharon Knight to do a backyard concert. I bought a couple of things from Heather's shop: some of her amazing handmade soaps, a small bound spell scroll, and the book Fairy Tale Rituals by Kenny Klein. The concert followed and was absolutely beautiful. If you have never heard Sharon, go check her out, you will not regret it.

It was a great night with great people. Congratulations on 10 y…