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Know Yourself

I have a set "about me" list that I use to populate every internet based section of that name. I wrote it several years ago and recently I have begun to realize that it might not be as accurate as it once was. Even things about myself that I would have thought too ingrained to change are not as apparent as they once were. I have begun to think that I need to review this list and see if these are things I am okay with letting go, if they are better gone, or if I should start working to make them a vital part of me again.
This is the list:
I am an admitted bibliophile. - Still true, though even my books are suffering. I need something like 6 more bookcases to make it right. I need a trip to Ikea big time.
I wear my heart on my sleeve. - Still true.
My first crushes were both characters, not people. - Can't really change, lol.
I am a dork. - I am definitely still a dork, though I have been neglecting that this year. No gaming, no conventions. Sad.
I am a singer. - I haven…

Anything can happen on Halloween (or Samhain, or DOTD)

My favorite season has come and gone, and now it is Nowember. We had a fun and interesting Halloween though, marked by parties, street festivals, pumpkin destruction, and goal setting (at least on my part.) Right now I have a house full of bats, spiders, crows, witches and pumpkins, and my dumpster is FULL of the remains of 40 pumpkins. My hair has been professionally washed and trimmed to fix all the damage from three weekends of curlers and big hair. I have been a psychotic baker and a pageant kid (a la honey boo boo). I have baked 3 dozen cookies, made many dips, decorated one pumpkin, and frantically searched for more. I saw a Halloween drag show, ate pumpkin ice cream and found out how delicious cider is with caramel vodka. Overall it has been a fabulous couple of weeks. And in case you were wondering this is what that looks like.

Jen and Chris' Winter Wonderland Halloween Party