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Costume and Halloween Party 2010

Last night was Seth and I's first Halloween party in our new house. The turn out was not bad, though we really ended up having two kind of small parties instead of one large party. We had a great time nonetheless. Here is a collection of party/ costume photos. As a reminder I was dressed as Elizabeth Bennett, Zombie Killer from the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

My little sister as Little Red Riding Hood and my mom as a Doctor. 
My friends Shari and Angie as Sugar and Spice from Batman forever and me. 
Seth as a yard gnome and  me. 

And here are some random decorating pics. 

We also got some pumpkins that we attacked in the backyard with various weapons including Seth's sword, my katana, my friends cricket bat from his Shaun of the Dead costume and an axe. We destroyed some 
Today as part of our Samhain celebration, Seth and I headed to the North Maket to buy the ingredients for Jambalaya, which is what we decided to make for dinner this year. I also bought a …

Countdown to Halloween.

In the spirit of Halloween I thought I would countdown my top 10 Halloween movies. I am a movie fanatic and some of them are popular and high quality and some are not, but without further ado and in no particular order.


The Worst Witch - This was a tv movie from the UK that was released in 1986. It stars a young Fairuza Balk, Diana Rigg, Charlotte Rae and an amazing appearance by Tim Curry. It's really poorly made and very dated (in the musical number for Tim Curry it shows a beta max tape, seriously.) but absolutely fun.


Hocus Pocus - The year this movie came out I must have seen it 10 times in the theatre. It makes me laugh and has great musical numbers. You can't beat the cast: Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy. Disney done good. 
Something Wicked This Way Comes - This movie scared the pee out of me when I was younger. Another amazing cast and just generally a good film. 
Beetlejuice - Classic Tim Burton, nuff said. 
The Nightmare Before Christm…

Beggar's Night.

Tonight was Beggar's Night. I dressed up, as I always do to give out candy. We got something like 7 huge bags of candy and we have maybe 10 pieces left. Our neighborhood is always crazy busy. Here is a picture of me while giving out candy.'s two.

Getting ready for Halloween/ Samhain weekend.

This month has flown by way too fast. Pure craziness.

Tomorrow night is beggars night here in Columbus, so I was working tonight on putting my porch together. Seth got us 6+ bags of candy, because I bought 4 of the big mix bags last year and still ran out of candy in the first hour. I am dressing up to hand out and can hopefully get a picture of my witchy self to share. I'm actually wearing most of my witch outfit to work I hope corporate America is prepared for this.

I have Friday off to get the house together and then we have our Halloween Party on Saturday. I will definitely take pictures of our costumes and the decorations to share. My dress turned out amazing, and I can not wait to put the whole thing together.

Seth and I have begun a tradition of going to The North Market on Samhain and buying fresh locally grown foods to make ourselves a special meal, and this Sunday will be no exception. I am trying to decide what we should make this year, because last year…

Visiting an Alternative Craft Fair.

So...when I wasn't getting my Halloween blog together yesterday I was meeting my little sister, the amazing Shmoo, and going to Craftin' Outlaws- Alternative Craft Fair.

I had attended this event in 2008 and knew I definitely wanted to go back. Things just happened to work out so that my little sister could come with me this year.Unfortunately neither of us remembered a camera, because we suck. :( We had so much fun though.

The first booth we came to was Sqeaky Queen. She had an array of amazing handmade soaps and such. I bought four of My first purchases of the day. The ones pictured are rosemary mint and vampire. I also bought alchemy (which we are using in the shower right now and it smells amazing) and Beer Soap.

After this we walked around a bit and made our second purchaces of the day at Paper Acorn. They were the least expensive and most fun purchases we made. Paper mustaches on a stick. They are so much more amazing than they sound. Here I am modeling the Yo…

I'm not in hiding.

I'm just super busy, but I am working on a nice full blog for tomorrow and one for the craftster coven too.

:) I feel like such a slacker. *sigh*

Halloween Party 2010!!! - For Really This Time.

Who is this? Lurking above our chamber door? A raven? 

"Evermore" croaks he. He has claimed his spot and refuses to leave. I am rather fond of him anyway, so as far as I'm concerned he can stay.  Of Course I keep a broom beside my doorway. Bristles up for protection, like a good witch

I must admit that you are a little early for the party. I am still trying to get ready, but you can come inside and look around. 
Black vines and fairy lights decorate the banister. 
The sun shooting into the chandelier makes a creepy sight, especially with Halloween Buntings in Black and White.  Glitter skulls and spiderweb candle holders sparkle from the mantle. 
Herbs, flowers and brooms hanging on the wall waiting for me to use them. 
Silver skulls surround a batty candelabra in the center of the table. 
Am I ready for the party? Well I have on my stripy Halloween socks. 
And my witchy clothes. Is a derby a witch hat? Well it is if a witch is wearing it. :) 
And a visit from Samhain the ghost cat …

Halloween Party 2010!!!

Good Morning. I am running behind but stay tuned for lots of witchy goodness later in the day. 

October is getting away from me...

Aaarrgghh!!!! How is it the 13th already? I am losing large parts of this month. With work, school and plans pretty much every weekend I am very very overwhelmed and missing my favorite month. 

I have been sewing halloween costumes in my spare time, and planning my decorations, though not decorating yet. I'm going to get a lot of things together in the next couple of days for the A Fanciful Twist Halloween Party. I have been shopping like a madwoman. I so love Halloween. 
One of my absolute favorite purchases this year: 

A Piggy Witch!!! 
We are jokingly calling her Elphabacon. 

In honor of the Halloween season I have broken out my Halloween Tarot. I bought it a year or two ago, but hadn't really played with it much because I have my favorite deck. I started using it this year and realized it is very similar to the deck I normally use and therefore I can do full readings with it. I am an intuitive reader so sometimes a deck just doesn't work for me. I can use this one though. Y…

It's october!!!

My favorite month in my favorite season. And you know what October means...


I am involved in a couple of blog parties, links to which you can find in my side bar. 
First I just want to share the two Halloween inspired ATC's that I made for an exchange with K at Banterings of a Basketcase. These were my first ever ATC's but certainly not my last. 

In my first blog of the Halloween season I am going to reveal what my costume for the year will be. I will be going as Elizabeth Bennett, Zombie Slayer from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I got a gorgeous plum colored linen from Joanns to make my dress from. I will be buying a cheap but pretty kitana  from Ren Faire next weekend. Then the day of I will decorate my face with viscera to look fresh from slaying. lol. Here is the dress pattern I will  be using. I'm doing the long sleeved version.
I will be wearing my costume to the Halloween party Seth and I will be throwing on the 30th. Come back for more costuming…

A Wrap-up and fun things.

So...Last Saturday I went to the Country Living Fair with my mother and my aunt AnnieBob. You can see amazing photos from the fair on October Farms blog. I unfortunately did not get very many pictures, because I was distracted by all the amazing stuff. I did get a lot of cool ideas for the wedding and otherwise :) Here is what I purchased: A broom from Windsor Collections that is actually for the wedding. I want to do a broom jumping. I bought the most amazing hat/ wig box from a company called La Bonne Vie. A little bug for in my yard from a shop I just can not remember the name of. I will try to figure it out. And some black halloween trees and some chandelier crystals from Shari at And now photos of the goodies.

The other day I was at Goodwill and I found a nice metal and glass gumball machine. It was only $3.99 so I picked it up. When I got home I played with it a bit to make sure it works. And then I got inspiration. I do several cancer walks t…