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Jar of Whimsies Spoiler... If you are PepperRose don't look!!!

I am so happy with how my pieces turned out for the Jar of Whimsy Swap that even though I have not actually mailed the package yet.
This is my jar... it was a storage box for silverware before I got it. My partner had a lot of Ouija board items on her wist so I made the top of the box into one.

And the inside of it... which I decoupaged with old sheet music.

The other pieces I crafted were two glass pendants. One is Star Wars themed and the other is Halloween/Supernatural one side is a Ouija Board and the other is a pin up style witch. 

I also crafted a couple of Day of the Dead shrinky dinks. 

And a Horror film/ Supernatural Bracelet inspired by my partners Wist

Some of the pictures are a little blurry but you can get the basic idea.  And here are some random photos of Whimsies. 

Tomorrow night I am going to WaterFire Columbus and will hopefully get some amazing photos to share!!  I will also post some pictures of my different finds from the past several weeks. :)

Crafting, Thrifting and Roller derby!!!

I am currently working on the Jar of Whimsies swap from Craftster and I am so pleased with how my "jar" is turning out. I bought an old silverware storage box at a thrift store and gutted it. I am doing things to both the outside and inside. I finished the inside this morning and am so pleased with how it turned out. I will post pictures once it has been received. I have really had fun with this swap and I can not wait to get it together and send. I feel like I'm being a tease but I am not sure if my partner has been looking at my blog and I don't want to spoil the surprise. 
Speaking of thrift stores, we went to the thrift store this morning and I felt like I hit the mother load. Sometimes your thrift luck is just better than others. I spent $7.93 and got a large bag of maps and envelopes and map envelopes, a bag of buttons, a book of Korean children's church songs, a bag of old wooden alphabet blocks, a stamp of a human skeleton, a bag of miscellaneous Halloween…

I Won an Award!!!

K from Banterings of a Basketcase gave me an awesome award that really made my day. I was totally bragging about it to people who had no idea what I was talking about. lol. I can honestly not remember which blog led me to K's but I loved her personality and hit follow...and I'm glad I did.  So here is the award.
And here are the rules...
1. Thank the person who gave you this award.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic! Okay...I am also going to alter this part a bit. I am going to give this award to four blogs two that I have been following a while and two that I have just recently begun to follow. :) 

4. Contact the bloggers you’ve picked and let them know about the award. 

First things first though.... 7 Things about myself. 

1) I am a proud pet mother. I have a 3 year old chihuahua, Zoe and an almost year old cat, Samhain. That picture of the kitten was from when we first got her..…

Eating, Shopping and a Hair Cut... it was a good day.

I'm moving forward with the School thing, at least a little. I got my FAFSA filled out Friday night and sent in. I need to get some other things taken care of, and will get them done in the next week or so. I don't know if I am going to be able to  enroll for Fall or if I will have to wait until Winter Quarter. I need to go into the school and talk to admissions. I will hopefully be able to do that in the next week. 
Yesterday we had a full day. I decided at the beginning of last week that I wanted to get my hair cut this week, because it really needed it. My last hair cut was literally last Halloween. So Seth and I made a day of it. 
First we had lunch at Surly Girl Saloon which had amazing food. I have been really rocking out on my diet so while I still ate pretty healthy I let myself be spoiled a bit. Seth and I split the Hellfire Jalepenos. I ordered the Salmon with rice and black beans which was more decadent than it sounds, it had this amazing dill sauce and mandarin orang…
A weight loss update...I've lost 10 pounds so far and going strong. The weight watchers is working great for me. I am eating better than I think I ever have. I am going to start working consistent exercise into the mix soon. Probably in the form of some exercise dvds I already Yoga Booty Ballet which is so much fun. I also want to find a good place to roller skate because I want to use my blue flame skates. Okay, really I just want an excuse to get a new pair of skates. And to get in shape to try out for Derby, maybe next year.

In a previous post I had hinted about some big changes and decisions and I wanted to touch a bit on that. I have decided that I want to go to school. I applied on Monday to a local college for a paralegal program and should hear in the next couple of days if I have been accepted. I am hoping to be able to go full time, so I can actually get my associates degree in two years or so. I will update more once I have confirmation and planning  together…

Our weekend getaway...

Here are some pictures from Pike Lake State Park where we went to escape for a bit this weekend. We went right after work on Friday and came home earlier today. It was just a nice relaxing weekend. 

Last night/this morning I went down to the lake to do a new moon healing water ritual as part of the meeting at the water with divining women. It was beautiful sitting on the dock with all the stars shining brightly... and I made a promise to help the oceans heal any way I can. I truly felt connected and a part of things. It was very grounding and enlightening. And just topped off a great weekend.

Plans, plans and plans.

This weekend we are going to Pike Lake with my Mother and Sister to celebrate my sister's 19th birthday, which is tomorrow. We rented a cabin that has a full kitchen and such. I am excited to get away for a weekend, and just relax. There are hiking trails around the Lake and a beach, which is exciting since the new moon is this weekend. Going to do a small ritual while I am there. I am also hoping to get to work on my art journal a bit. I have the book I'm going to use and I bought a set of watercolors to play with. So I'm going to take them along and get started.

I am finally finished with my 10th kingdom swap pieces I think. I may make a couple of additional small pieces, but the largest piece is now complete. Onto the Jar of Whimsies swap. I am hoping we can hit some antique stores this weekend on the to and fro. I know what I am doing for the container, I just have to get working on it.

I am also thinking about taking a big leap soon. I am working on the details and ne…

It's july...already?

It is July and it feels like this year has been flying by. July first was the one year anniversary of Seth and I moving into our house. The house, who turned 100 this year, is a magnificent brick monstrosity which is far to big for the 2 of us. I fell in love with all the fantastic woodwork and old charm though and we signed the papers May 28, 2009. Our official first night in the house wouldn't be until a month later. We used that month to paint and clean while it was empty. I love our house. It's not completely like I want it yet, but I am working and I will get it there.   Correction we will get it there. I'm not alone.

Last night we went to see Red, White & Boom at Huntington Park in downtown Columbus. The tickets were free through work but due to some mass construction we sat in traffic for 2 1/2 hours before we actually made it to the ball park. But we got there in time to eat and see the fireworks display which was so amazing. And getting home took no time at all…