Magickal Monday - Birthday Eve

Magickal Monday
Tomorrow is my birthday. So the spread I am doing for this week is the Birthday Spread, which I found on Pinterest.

1. Last Year: IV of Wands - Stability. Strong Foundations. Marriage. Domestic life. Peace. Prosperity. Romance. 
2. Let go of This: Knight of Cups *Reversed* - Deceptive person. Falsehood. A scam. Feeling Stuck. Allowing yourself/ feeling like you are being pushed in a direction you do not want to go. 
3. Gift: IV of Pentacles - Selfishness. Putting material gain over all else. Control over your own life. 
4. Embrace This: Ace of Pentacles - Perfection. Balance of material and spiritual realms. Prosperity. Having the will to succeed. Manifestation. New financial opportunity. 
5. Next Year: IV of Swords *Reversed* - Renewed vigor. A return to daily life and events. Activity. 
A lot of this lines up with my current plans, and goals for the next couple of months. I will take it. Hopefully this means a new job is heading my way. Please, please, please. 
I ha…

Magickal Monday - The Mind Blind Witch

Magickal Monday
This weeks three card spread is the Build a Bridge Spread from as found on Pinterest. 

1. What is your current situation? - XII The Hanged Man - Feeling trapped. Confined. Self-limiting. Uncertainty. Lack of Direction. Indecision. Needing release. Letting go. Take a chance, and make things happen. 
2. What do you really want? - Queen of Swords - Quick thinker. Organized. Perceptive. Independent. Highly Intelligent. 
3. What is the best strategy to get you there? - Two of Wands - Creative use of energy. Bringing together ideas. Focusing on a single objective. Working together for a common goal. Unifying forces. 
This makes sense to me. I am indecisive and pretty resistant to change. I want to be a person who can make smart quick decisions. To get there I need to use what is good about both these sides of me, and combine them to reach my goals. 
So...several months ago an online friend (Danni) posted a link to an article that was talki…

Written Words Wednesday - The return

Part of my reinvention of my blog is the resurrection of Written Words Wednesday. I do not know if this will have a specific form, or if it will end up being more fluid, but I am committing to bring it back.        Some things about me: I am an admitted bibliophile; I love the smell, sight, and feel of books. I am currently working on my B.A. in English/ Creative Writing with a specialization in Non-fiction. Some of my favorite authors are: William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Christopher Moore, Charles deLint, and so many more. I have never read a Jane Austen book, anything by a Bronte or any book of that style clear through, and I think that Wurthering Heights is impossible to read because all of the characters are unlikable. Now that you know a little bit about me let's explore some books. 
      Throughout written and oral history you will find tales of the Tricksters; those Gods who inspire chaos wherever they go. Tricksters are not all g…

Magickal Monday - New Moon Magic

Magical Monday
      The past week was challenging and this week is also going to be challenging. Because of this I am going to use the Listen to Your Intuition Spread from 

1. What is my inner voice trying to tell me about this situation? 10 of Wands - Oppression. Having a burden to bear, but being able to handle it. Overwhelming stress. 
2. Why is my inner voice telling me this? 0 The Fool - The beginning of a journey. New beginnings. A fresh start. A decision regarding your career will be made soon. 
3. How can I put this suggestion into action? V The Heirophant - Divine Inspiration. Big Business. Listen to advice, or to a mentor. Listen to your higher self, act in your own self-interest. 

      This week is the last for several of my coworkers, the result of a layoff from several months ago. Then today another couple of people in an adjoining area were also RIF-ed. So now, a situation that was stressful, has become horrific. I have also lear…

Things the Vampire Said - A Dream Recollection

Several years ago I had a very vivid dream. In the dream I was the daytime face of a vampire. I would take care of his business that was not possible to handle at night, and set up appointments for him, etc. The feeling of the dream was that I had been in his employment for many years, so when he came to me to tell me that we had to move to Pittsburgh it was just a given that I would move my family to continue my employment.        I was incredibly reluctant to tell my husband that we were going to have to sell the house, and relocate, so I just kept putting it off. Every time I would begin the conversation something would happen, or it would seem like the wrong time.        Suddenly it was about a week before we were going to be making the official move, and the vampire confronts me to see whether I had let my husband know what was happening, and gotten our house sold, etc. I admit that no, I haven't. The vampire looked me straight in the eye at that point and said, "…

Magickal Monday - Let's take it back a step

Magickal Monday
          I have decided to back up a little to simplify my Magickal Monday posts. I am going to take it back to a simple spread using whichever deck takes my fancy that day. I may change up spreads depending on my mood as well. Then I will share what is going on with me magickally and anything I found in the past week that makes me happy. Sound good? I hope so, because I am doing it. So, here we go... 
Weekly Spread 3 Card - Head, Heart, Spirit

Head - 7 of Cups: Using your imagination. Daydreaming. Living in fantasies. Take warning though, not to get lost in your own world. Don't just think, Act! 
Heart - 0 The Fool: The beginning of an adventure. Potential. Taking a chance. Risk. Abandon fear and grab life by the horns. 
Spirit - X Wheel of Fortune: Fortune. Chance. Unplanned events. Fate, Destiny. Good Luck. Reaching a turning point. 
Well, that is a pretty promising outlook for the week. I will think upon this and move forward. There is a lot here about creati…

Magical Monday - Candlemas/ Imbolc

Magical Monday

3 Card Spread -  Head, Heart, Spirit 

Head: Seven of Swords - Proceed cautiously and with thought. Heed warnings and learn from those around you.

Heart: Knight of Swords - Be your own hero. Take action, and represent yourself. Be Brave! 
Spirit: Page of Wands - Think creatively. Do things outside the box. 

 Totem for the Week: from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson  Illustrated by Angela C. Werneke
6 Snake - This medicine teaches you on a personal level that you are a universal being. Through accepting all aspects of your life, you can bring about the transmutation of the fire medicine. This fire energy, when functioning on the material plane, creates passion, desire, procreation, and physical vitality. On the emotional plane, it becomes ambition, creation, resolution and dreams. On the mental plane it becomes intellect, power, charisma, and leadership. When the snake energy reaches the spiritual plane, it becomes wisdom, understanding, wholeness, and conne…