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Fitness Fridays

To keep myself motivated and to share my own progress I am going to start doing Fitness Fridays. I am really trying to make myself get more active and eat better because my health is flagging. I am feeling tired all the time, getting sick at the drop of a hat, and just generally feeling gross, so it is time to make a change. I was doing so well for a while, and I have fallen off the wagon so hard it's ridiculous.

I am working on finding a balance between body love and being complacent. I want to love my body as it is, and how it is, but I also know that my weight does cause me issues and health problems. In some ways I have begun to feel guilty for wanting to make these changes. I know, though, that my reason for wanting the change comes completely from within and not from without. I'm sure that society has had some effect on my psyche, but I don't feel that giving up on body image completely will help my self esteem in the long run. I will not push my fitness agenda on a…

My favorite things...

I have made some amazing purchases over the past year. Some of which I am too in love with not to share with my friends.

My Ariat Tanbaby cowboy boots. I bought them at a discount boot store around Hocking Hills, and they are one of the best purchases I have ever made. And they were $40. Because they have the thicker heel, they have amazing traction. And the fact that they were made for use in a barn means that they are water proof. They have become my go to footwear for the winter season.

Kixies thigh highs. I got a pair for Christmas from my husband and they are amazing. They don't roll!! And I have some thighs. You can get them online at Curvy Girl Lingerie. And they look super cute on, don't they. I am going to buy more because I am completely in love with them. Seth also got me some of Curvy Girl's lingerie. If you are a little more ample, lol, they have some beautiful pieces that are available in extended sizes. This is a pin-up style picture we took of me in the …

I don't care what the vampire said

I am ready to change. Once several years ago I had a dream and in that dream there was a point where a vampire looked at me and said "You are resistant to change". I remember waking up horrified and laughing because that was not a subtle reminder of the subconscious, but a bit of a bitch slap instead. And the worst part was that the vampire was right, I have serious issues with change. I am the worst kind of creature of habit. I will stay in a job I hate for years because the idea of seeking a new one, interviewing and leaving my current job makes me sick. I get plagued by anxiety and questions, better just to stay put where I'm comfortable. It has always been one of my biggest weaknesses.
So this year I decided that my challenge and inspiration for the year 2014 is the word change.

I am prepared to shake myself up, and take are of some things that I need to change, as well as some things I just want to. I am tired of holding myself back. I am an awesome person and I d…

Looking Back... Looking Ahead

2013 was an interesting year; it was a mixed bag of good and bad. This year: My sister went off to the army; My mom moved to Columbus; We went tubing for the first time, Traci was medically dismissed and came home from the army; We had an Alcoholic dessert party for my birthday; I held the second egg decorating party; We did the glo run; I got two new ren faire bodices; We did the Komen; We went to the viking festival; We took free zumba classes at the columbus commons; A water pipe ruptured in our front yard leading to us getting a new pipe run and our whole front yard getting dug up; We went to comfest for the first time; The water issues led to us finding that our house was improperly grounded, only after Seth got zapped a couple times and we lost a couple appliances; We took Traci to the casino for her 22 birthday; Mom and I went to the Columbus Food Truck Festival; Mom and I went to the casino to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy for free; We attended Ren Faire a couple of times; We went …