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How do you learn to love yourself?

I am in a time of metanoia. I am working on changing my heart, mind, self and way of life. I am trying to learn to love myself, to learn to appreciate my body and to be thankful for everything my body does for me. I am working on looking at my body for all it's strengths and not just all the flaws. I am evaluating how I treat myself physically and mentally. I know it is time for me to change, and while it is hard for me I am committed to making it happen. Some of the changes will be easy, or at least easier. Always when I am craving change the first thing to be effected is my hair. I was at first reluctant to take out any of the length, but I am reconsidering. I have a tendency to hide behind my hair, and it may be time to take that away for a while. I am thinking I may want to do an asymmetrical bob. I have been flirting with it since before the wedding, and I think it is time to jump. I am thinking this could happen as soon as next week. I am also planning to get my next tatt…