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Written Word Wednesday - Whimsical Witches

I have decided to resurrect a weekly post I did for a bit called Written Word Wednesday. I will talk about all things written: books, graphic novels, short stories, articles, or whatever makes me happy. This week in honor of Halloween, and my minor obsession, I thought I would focus on Witches in Literature. Some of my favorite books in the world focus on those wild and wonderful women (and men) who are workers of magic. Some of these characters are called witches outright, and some are just characters that I believe fill the criteria even if they are never labeled such by the author. The Witches from any Discworld book by Terry Pratchett. Sir Terry gave us the most beautiful, motley collection of eclectic witches that you could ever hope for. The lessons they teach are so beautiful, and applicable, that they have become like real people to me. I often quote Granny and even Miss Tick in my everyday life. I am patiently waiting to get my hands on a copy of The Shepherd's Crown. G…

Thoughts on being me.

Yesterday on my way home I was listening to NPR, as I am wont to do, and an author was speaking about her new collection of short stories. The author was interesting, but it wasn’t what she was saying that caught my attention; it was her voice that drew me in. This author had the most perfect, lovely, high-pitched feminine voice. I have always wanted that voice. That Jennifer Tilly voice. That Snow White voice.

My voice is loud from years of theatre and singing; I have amazing projection skills. My voice is harsh at times. My voice is larger than life. My voice would never be described as feminine, or perfect, or even lovely. My voice is not a bad voice, but it is not that. As a high soprano I would often raise my speaking register for a role, so that it sounded more congruous with my singing voice.
But it wasn’t just the voice, it was the full package that I wanted. In my mind I could see the woman behind that voice. In my mind she is petite say 5’2” or so, fit but buxom (an hour glas…