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Sledding, Gaming, Crafting and the 30 by 30

I officially went sledding for the first time on Saturday. It was so flippin' fun. The hill we were at was somewhere between 150 and 200 feet in length with a 30 degree slope and was in the Battelle-Darby metropark here in Columbus. We got video of my first trip down the hill, but I still need to upload it, so for now here are pictures. As you can see I broke my sled on my third or fourth trip down the hill. Oops.

Also this weekend it was double XP weekend on City of Heroes, which is a MMO that my friends have managed to wrangle me into playing. They have all been playing for years and have a bunc characters of really high levels and I have been playing for about a year and just wanted to get one character to a pretty high level. Well officially my main character, Blazing Hussy, is now a level 40!! Another one off the list. That's two in a weekend, w00t. 
Then on Sunday I really buckled down on my crafting and got several sewn pieces completed. I will post photos once I have the…

More Wedding Ideas...

It's looking more and more like our wedding is going to be pretty Victorian in appearance. Add in the vintage elements and it should be something though. These are all the recent things I have found that I am thinking of incorporating into the wedding. The bouquet, mini top hat and Seth's top hat are more or less guarantees. 
For wedding colors we are looking at this: Fall colors... add in some jewel tones and that's our colors. 

Offbeat Bride- Button Bouquet Tutorial

Offbeat Bride- Mini Top Hat Tutorial

BMA Modified - Junkyard Steampunk Plugs

Demonia Tesla 106
Victorian Top Hat - For Seth
More to come as we are plotting and planning. 

Weekend plans coming together...

Do you know what this is?  It's what is going to get item #1 checked off of my 30 by 30 list. :) I should have pictures of my first ever sledding trip Saturday night or Sunday. I'm so excited. 
Then on Saturday night there is a party for the Ohio Roller Girls for them to announce their new venue. It should be a good time. 
This weekend is also a double XP weekend on City of Heroes, which means I may also be able to get my character to a level 40 this weekend. That would be two things off the list in a single weekend. 
Speaking of the list, one of my  goals is going to have to be adjusted. There are no active paintball ranges in this area until late spring, so I am changing that to Lazer Tag, another thing I have never done. There is a lazer tag range in the place I like to roller skate, so we may kill two birds with one stone. 
The rest of the weekend will be spent crafting for the Tim Burton and Alice swaps, so I can get those sent out in the next week or so. I joined another swap…

Photo's for today!!

I noticed yesterday that the local art school, Columbus College of Art and Design, they had several ice sculptures on the campus (I drive through their campus on my way to class). I didn't stop yesterday to get pictures, but decided to wait until this evening, which I am kicking myself in the butt for. When I got there today the slight rise in temperature had melted and distorted the sculptures, but I could still get some okay pics, so here you go.

Holy Testicle Tuesday...

Yep it's Tuesday... and January is almost over... how did that happen? Working full time, while going to school and still doing all the things I love really can take it's toll on my head space. Yikes. I am still working on  my 30 by 30 list. Though it is about time for me to push harder and really start getting things off the list. 
1) Go Sledding (we're researching hills, so it should happen soon)
2) Fly a Kite
3) Paintball
4) See Cirque du Soliel (Feb 12)
5) Go to Burlesque Show
6) Go to Drag Show
7) Go to Columbus Museum of Art
8) Go to Gallery Hop
9) Get a Massage
10) Get craft room set up in attic. (Have started little by little)
11) Read/listen to 10 books I have never read (I am up to 9 read)
12) Set up a functional work out schedule
13) Learn to resin cast
14) Update scrapbooks to current (I have fallen behind this year)
15) Learn to solder.
16) Do a personal swap on Craftster
17) Post 10 items to Craftster Boards
18) Craft at least 12 items (Have crafted 6)
19) Buy…

The Latest Swap Package...

Thought I would share the items I received in the Three Tiny Movie Things swap. The films in order are Amelie, The Muppet Movie and Labyrinth.

A Peek Into My House..

This is the shelf above my computer desk. It holds my Mirrormask figurines, my action figures, and some of my art.

The Strange Things You Find in Thrift Stores

I found these two pieces of military art at a thrift store and while I did not purchase them because they were priced strangely high, I did take photos so I can share them with you.

Today's Photo... an awesome find.

My mother is an amazing thrifter, yard saler, and all around awesome things finder. Last summer she went to Swappers day in Johnstown (where she picked up the fantastic silver box that will be a part of my wedding) and she got a huge box of bottles and jars for me for basically nothing. This is one of my favorite bottles from the box...

Back to life...

It's been a great holiday weekend at our house.

Saturday night we had the party for our friend Jerry, who was proceeding me into the land of our thirties. Others have gone before, but he is the first of our group for 2011. :) Niki made a Megaman cake for  Jerry, and unfortunately I did not get a picture before it was cut, because I suck. The second photo below is of Seth's brother Chris, far left, Andrew and the Birthday boy Jerry on the right. The last photo is of Seth owning someone in mortal combat.

Sunday we slept in late, because we were up so late. Then we finally got up, fixed some lunch, and decided that we would catch a movie at the Movie Tavern later in the night. We saw Tron: Legacy in 3-D. Visually it was amazing, though the story was a bit formulaic. It's definitely worth a watch though, and the CGI pieces with the younger Jeff Bridges were amazing.

Today we loafed again. We cooked lunch, and then worked on leveling my City of Heroes character more for my 30 be…

Photo for Friday

These are photos from a trip to Niagara Falls in 2006. You can see my Monroe while /i still had it, sigh. And how absolutely beautiful are the falls. More tomorrow. 

Remember What The Dormouse Said

I am currently embroiled in several craft swaps, a Tim Burton swap and Alice in Craftster-land , again. I have a lot of ideas for both, but really am most excited about watching all the Burton films and Alice adaptations. Makes a happy Betsy.

Saturday we are having a birthday party at our house for our friend Jerry who is turning 30. Because we are inviting a lot of his friends there will be people in my house who have never been to my house before, so I feel like I should panic clean the whole house. I also have been hanging wall art that has not managed to make it onto the wall yet. It's making me happy to have all this art up. I need to buy several frames for pieces so I can hang them as well. So many empty walls...must cover with things. :)

Here are some of my recent wall additions, please pardon the random mannequin nudity in the Wall of Dresden Dolls pic. I need to find Ursula some new clothes. :) The cross stitch from the Dresden Dolls Wall gets a close up in the next shot.…