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Blessed Ostara!!

Happy Spring Everyone!!

Two years and I almost missed it

My two year blogaversary was Monday and I almost missed it entirely. It has been an amazing two years. I have met many great people, and made many amazing strides in my life.And while things may get hectic and life may not go as I planned I always have my blog to get all the stories out. So thank you for looking and listening. Oh, and be on the lookout for a blog giveaway in the month of March for my birthday. :)

It is officially March, and that makes it my month. My birthday is on the 14th, woo-hoo. And so much planned for this month it's hysterical. Tomorrow we go with Seth's parents to see the Blue Jackets vs the Colorado Avalanche. Next Saturday we are getting a night out to Shadowbox on Saturday from Seth's parents.

The 16th we are having a birthday party for my sister-in-law and myself, we are calling it an alcoholic dessert party. lol. I got an awesome dress and a fabulous pair of shoes to wear for the party.

I cannot wait to wear them. I will post pictures of me i…