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I am so ready for fall

This summer has wreaked havoc in the lives of me and my wonderful husband. We had a water line burst in our front yard which we had to pay to replace. They had to dig a huge hole in the yard, and while digging they accidentally brushed a gas line, so then they couldn't finish until the gas company okayed it. Once they got the new line run, we found out that moving out electric ground had completely taken away our ground and for over a month we have been fighting to get someone out here to fix our electricity. They finally did last week, but not before our spotty electricity burned up Seth's computer, my netbook, the microwave and our dehumidifier. I think we are finally getting back to normal now. Or at least mostly normal.

The last two semesters I have upped my classes to 3 rather than the usual 2, because if I keep that up I will qualify to graduate in Spring. Woo-hoo. Over the summer I took College Algebra (Which was actually pre-calculus), American History and Intro to Fol…

A Faire Affair - Part 2

This past Saturday we went again, only this time we went with my mother and my little sister. The Tartan Terrors were back at the faire for the first time in 12 years, so it was a rocking Irish weekend.