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We're all mad here...

So why not celebrate. 
The lovely Vanessa from a fanciful twist has officially announced this years Mad Tea Party, and I think it is the perfect way to take a break  from Wedding Madness. 
Want to play? Have your own mad tea party and link up with Vanessa  and the other Mad parties. Click here to sign up at a fanciful twist.

And a very merry unbirthday to you!! 

Tying the Knot Tuesday

We are now under 4 months until the big day. Can I scream yet? Lol. Actually things have started to come together in the strangest ways and it looks like I will not have to flip out and cancel the wedding. I'm just kidding, but I really was beginning to panic at the number of things we still had up in the air at this late date. But we have really kicked our butts into gear and gotten a lot of things done, started, actually thought about, that hadn't been yet.

We went to a gaming convention (Origins) last weekend and we got the first of the stuffers for our favor bags. Seth and I had a good portion of our initial courtship happen during two RPG games we were both involved in, so we decided to put random dice into the favor bags. At origins you can buy a pitcher full for $39, so we did a whole pitcher. This should give us enough to put two per bag.

Also while at Origins I fell in love with and bought a corset to go under my dress for the wedding. The nice thing is that it is som…

The Many Incarnations (and films) of Snow White

I have a secret, I want to be Snow White when I grow up. She is by far my favorite fairy tale princess. When I was a little girl eating an hour could take an hour, because if it was a nice red one, I would take a bite and then collapse in a mock swoon and repeat ad nauseum until the apple was done. I wear a silver charm on my silver necklace that I wear all the time of my favorite heroine disney style. So imagine my excitement when I realized that not one but two new movies were coming out this year about my favorite girl, and one had Thor!! I have not gotten to see Mirror, Mirror yet, though I have read the book. This morning Seth and I went to see Snow White and The Huntsman.

I liked it, but did not love it. Maybe I am a bit picky about my Snow White films, lol. I loved Chris Hemsworth as our Huntsman, he was hard, and tender, and well Chris Hemsworth. Charlize Theron did well being both human and super human as the wicked queen. The dwarves were made up of some amazing actors inclu…