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It's Graduation Day!!

Today was graduation day from my American Tribal Style Belly Dance class with Sacred Shimmy Belly dance. How gorgeous are we? I am on the far right in the front row in the shirt that says Warrior. Now, to move on to Level 2? 

Egg-citing and Egg-ceptional!

This past Saturday the 21st was our annual Egg Decorating Party. We enjoyed a couple of new participants including my niece Sadie and my nephew Gideon (he didn't actually decorate, but he was awful cute), as well as my friend Megan and her daughter River. Many eggs were decorated, many children were painted, and a lot of fun was had.

It's a mad, mad, mad March

March is always slightly chaotic in my world and this year is no exception. Birthdays, walks, parties, craft projects and belly dance are ruling my life. The first weekend of March we went to the Arnold Fitness Expo here in Columbus. It is a weekend of pure chaos, the fittest people in the world, and enough protein samples to fuel a power lifter. We spotted the guys from Hard Core Pawn, Hulk Hogan and I had an embarassing encounter with MMA fighter Forrest Griffin (I came face to face with him, froze entirely unable to breathe and then started to cry, because apparently I cannot handle celebrity encounters). We got to watch a Strongest Man event, a little gymnastics and some amazing jump rope.
The 14th was my birthday. Hooray 34! I decided that we should do a 5k for my birthday, so on an incredibly soggy March morning we slogged our way to the Pi Day 5k. The race was once in a century being on 3/14/15 9:26:53. Yay Pi! We walked it in under an hour, which is great considering that …