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Spring into Fitness - Week 3

Week 3 was a pretty good week. I am still exercising every day. I had a "bad" day on Saturday that involved pizza and breadsticks, but I really don't feel that bad about it. I feel like I can splurge a little every once in a while without beating myself up about it.

Here is the week in numbers:
Weight: 206.4
Bust: 44
Waist: 38
Bicep: 13
Thigh: 22

For my weight loss goals, I am doing really well. I am losing, even if it isn't huge numbers and am definitely using inches. Yay. I fell off the wagon on Sunday, but I had plenty of points to cover it, so I didn't shoot myself in the foot entirely.

Elemental Goals - Water: I have been drinking more water, and tea. I have almost entirely cut out pop, which used to be near daily. Earth: I went out on Sunday, in the chill, and weeded the gardens, put up fence, mowed and helped Seth put together our grill. Made me feel good to get out and get my hands dirty. Air: Well it's not exactly new, but I am going to sign …

Tying the knot Tuesday

It has been a while I know, but I had to this with you. The stripey stockings for myself and my sister/maid of honor came in a little bit ago and I am seriously in love with them. She tried them on with the rest of her wedding garb and I have to share how adorable they look.

We have made a couple of other decisions as well, and I think we know what we will be walking down the aisle to now. It looks like it will be a piano version of White Wedding by Billy Idol. Since Seth's last name is White, it really will be a White wedding, right? Plus it's funny that I am not wearing white at all. I am ridiculously excited about it. And my mom is going to open the ceremony by saying "It's a nice day for a White wedding". I'm giggling just thinking about it. I'm getting excited now, and not just panicking. So much to do, but it is all starting to come together.

Spring game and the best damn band in the land

Yesterday Seth and I went to the Ohio State University spring game with my mom and sister. It was a rainy, kind of nasty day but we still had a turn out of 81,112 people in the shoe. It was fun, and the best part for me was getting to see the band perform in person. 

Spring into Fitness - Week 2 - the feet edition

This was actually a pretty good week for me. I jumped into a challenge on weight watchers to exercise for at least a half hour everyday for fifty days. I did a solid week this past week and am starting on my second. I also tried on my wedding dress and I really don't have that far to go to fit in it, just need to keep plugging along. Yay!!

My current numbers:
Weight: 207
Bust: 44.5
Waist: 38.5
Hips: 43
Thigh: 23
Bicep: 14

The inches are fabulous, even if the pounds aren't coming off as fast as I would like.

I am working on my weight loss goal everyday. Weight Watchers is going well. I have been doing really well on not destroying myself completely on the weekend. I haven't had anything fried at all, even at a restaurant. I am eating a lot of fruits and veggies, because they are free on WW PP. Oh, and if you haven't tried carrots with salsa you definitely should. :)

For my elemental goals: Water - I am drinking a ton more water, and have cut almost all pop (even diet) o…

Let's go fly a kite.

That's right. I finally got it off my list. It's a miracle. Really it was too windy, so we didn't fly the kite for long periods of time, but we got her in the air and I am counting it. :) Here are some trophy photos.

Spring into Fitness Week 1 Update

Week one is over and here's where I am. I did really well on exercise. I got up at 5 and worked out 30-40 minutes on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and we did the big hike on Saturday. Tuesday I woke up with stomach pains and stomach issues and exercise do not mix, so I skipped my workout that day. Sunday was Easter and I just didn't get a chance to workout that day. I did fly a kite that day though, so I got at least a little exercise.

For eating, I definitely ate more fruit and veggies. And during the week my eating was awesome. I did a really good job of keeping myself healthy and portioned well. Saturday morning I was really bad. My family went out to breakfast before hiking and that meant the breakfast bar at Frisches. Buffets are my achille's heel. I just want to keep eating and you know not everything I'm picking up is healthy.Sigh. At least we did go hiking after, and I ate well the rest of the day, but still. Sunday I was really proud of myself, becaus…

Hiking In Hocking Hills

Seth and I went hiking yesterday with my mom and sister in Hocking Hills. We ended up hiking from Old Man's Cave to Cedar Falls. The path had some really challenging steps and some crazy narrow crevices, but we definitely had fun. I can't find a good map of that particular trail, but it was roughly 6 miles. I got some amazing photos though.