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Things are changing again. With Seth and I getting engaged and the knowledge that a wedding is something we will be paying for I have made the decision that full time school is just not an option. So I'm going to keep working full time and go to school part time. For the time being I will keep working at Huntington, but I will probably keep looking for another full time job. I just don't want to have to wait 5 years to actually get married and honestly I want a wedding... even if it is just a small one, because I look at it as a really big craft project.

School starts on the 22. I will be taking English and Math...yay prerequisite courses.

Speaking of craft projects, I am brainstorming as to what I want my theme to be for ATCs I am trading with K of Banterings of a Basketcase. I'm thinking something fall/ Halloween as I have that on the brain currently, but I will just have to see what comes out. Ooh... just had a thought. :)

I need to get back to working on my altered jou…

Ren Faire Wrap Up

MIRF was amazing. I managed to get almost no pictures myself. Way to go me. But I have "borrowed" some from Jean and Pete, some of our Ohio faire friends. I officially need to get some better pics of myself in garb, which will be my challenge for this weekend, as we are going to Ohio Renaissance Festival on Monday, since it's a holiday weekend. But for now here are some photos of wenchy goodness!!

IWG Local #57 - The Wenches of all Flavors

Seth mid wenching

Getting cheered for kissing my man!!

Seth after being wenched

Mags tagged under the 

Me wenching a lovely young sailor. 
We had such an amazing time. I promise more pictures from ORF this weekend. :) Plus zoo pics from Saturday. 

Birthdays for the Mothers and Happy Ren Faire thoughts and information

This weekend was full of celebrations for the birth of Seth's mom, Sarah. She turned 50 this year and her family surprised her with a big party with lots of friends and family in attendance. Then yesterday we went to Huntington Park to a Columbus Clippers baseball game. We got the ticket's through Pepsi, which is where Seth's dad works. They got us in, gave us shirts and gave us vouchers for food, so we didn't have to pay for anything. Super cool Pepsi!! Of course it was crazy hot and we ended up leaving after 6 innings, but it was still really fun. 

My mom's birthday is Thursday. I am going to go to her house after work on Friday for dinner, to hang out for a bit and to give her birthday gift to her. I am really excited about what I got her, but since she occasionally reads my blog I am not going to post what I got her just in case. We are going to do the real celebrating for her birthday Labor Day weekend. We are all going to the zoo and then coming back to the h…

Zombies, Rock 'n' Roll, Birthdays and Renaissance Faires...

While I'm at work I listen to books on cd to keep myself awake and keep  my mind going. This week I was listening to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I did not have great hope for this book but I have to say that the writer who took this classic and added ultra violence did such a great job of combining the two in such a way that was actually very entertaining. In this new novel Elizabeth Bennett and her sisters are a team of katana weilding zombie killers. Truly the novel is tongue in cheek and actually quite charming considering the crazy amount of undead. I have half decided to go as Elizabeth Bennett, zombie slayer for Halloween.

Friday, while I was listening to my book, I got a text message from Seth saying we had been invited by his mother to go to Shadowbox Cabaret for dinner and to see The Best of Shadowbox, the currently running show. I had never been so I jumped at the chance. It was sooo fun. They had some amazing singers and several truly hysterical skits. It makes me …

Defying Gravity

Wicked was absolutely amazing!! I knew a lot of the music because I have the soundtrack but actually seeing what was happening during this or that song was so great. We were about 7 rows from the stage so it was like being part of the show. The wizard was played by Richard Cline, who is Larry from 3's Company, and he did a great job. The girl playing Glinda was delightfully ditzy. And the girl playing Elphaba had the perfect blend of vulnerability and strength. The costuming was amazing as were the sets. I want to see it

Watching it though makes me long for the theatre. Broadway was my dream all through high school, but life would take me in another direction. Now though when I see a show or go to a theatre I just long to be a piece of it. I want the lights and the sets and the costumes and the memorization and the dancing and the constant rehearsals and the applause. I miss it all so much. I guess the easy answer would be to get involved in community theatre again. I…

A haunting and a couple of witches.

So tomorrow is going to be a date night for Seth and I.

First we are going to eat at the elevator brewery and draught haus. Here is the brief history listed on their site.

The Elevator Brewer and Draught Haus finds its home in the historic Columbia building, built in 1897 by the Bott family to house the Bott Brother’s Billiards and a gentleman’s saloon. The beautiful hand-carved, hand-split Philippine mahogany bar was created to serve the whiskey distilled on the second floor. The saloon enjoyed a brisk business from the turn of the century until the advent of prohibition in 1920. The building, rich in history, is on the national registry of historic landmarks and has been restored to much of its original grandeur. Among the original architectural elements that remain today are the beautiful bar, intricate mosaic tile floor, much of the stained glass and of course the decorative ceiling. The luxurious back-bar won the coveted blue ribbon for craftsmanship at the 1893 World Columbian Ex…

Fire, Light Sabers and me...

We went to WaterFire last Friday night and I have finally uploaded the photos. It was a really cool experience and I think we will be going back the next time they do it. Here is some pics of the bonfires and the fire dancers!!  I think Seth has decided he needs to learn to dance with fire and I'm not far behind him.

On Saturday was Seth's brother and my friend Chris' 30th Birthday. The theme was Star Wars and his wife Niki made this awesome cupcake "cake". The Darkside Sith light saber was chocolate cake and the Jedi light saber was white 

After drinking a bit we went out front and had light saber fights. Here are some highlights of that silliness.

And one final bit of silliness... my little sister riding a lion with swords.

Yep...that about sums it up. 
School is still a work in progress... Right now my biggest road block is funding, but I am determined to work my way around it. I did get my classes scheduled. :)  I'm getting excited.