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Gourmet Hot Dogs?

I just had to share that Seth and I went today to Dirty Franks Hot Dog Palace and it was so good. They specialize in gourmet and unique hot dogs and they totally delivered. I had the Chicago which consists of Fresh tomatoes, diced onions, Vienna® Sport Peppers, pickle relish, dill pickle, yellow mustard, & a dash of celery salt and the Puff the Magic Popper which has cheddar cream cheese, jalapeƱos, & real bacon bits. They were so good. Dirty Franks is also locally owned and plays only local music, which makes them even more awesome. Highly recommended if you are ever in the Columbus area. Here are some visuals:

So here is where I am at now...

I did buy Seth a Wii for his birthday. And we have been having fun playing with it since Friday. We bought and loaded Jam City Roller Girls, but I haven't played it yet.

I gave him his gift early, because we were supposed to be having a three person birthday party on Saturday for myself, Seth's sister-in-law and my friend, Niki and Seth. Friday night though there was a health emergency for Niki, non life threatening but certainly life affecting, and so she and her husband Chris were not going to be able to make it. In the light of what was happening for them we decided to just cancel the party altogether. My mom and sister still came over, so we ordered chinese and played wii for a couple of hours. They are so awesome and brought us great presents. My family is amazing!!

Right now Seth and I are on vacation. A much needed break I assure you. We are staying home, getting some things done that needed done and just relaxing. I have two craft swaps I am going to try to get done wh…

Catching up...

Okay... I owe you all a lot of birthday photos. So this post is going to be all photos of my birthday ladies day with my mom and little sister, as well as the little birthday get together we had with them on Saturday night (more on this in a post to come). So here is a photo montage of my birthday celebrations.

It's spring!!

Blessed Ostara!!

I have a lot of 30th birthday photos and such to share very soon, but for now many Ostara blessings to you.

I'm officially the big three-oh...

So... I'm 30. And I got 19 items out of 30 completed from my 30 by 30. I am going to give myself to the end of the month to finish the remaining 11 items. A lot of the craft related goals will be much easier to finish now that my craft room is pretty much functional. I just need a good big table for the middle. I am going to hit a thrift store next week while I'm off to hopefully find one.

1) Go Sledding (we're researching hills, so it should happen soon)
2) Fly a Kite (I have the kite, just need a good day)
3) Paintball/ Lazer Tag
4) See Cirque du Soliel (Feb 12)
5) Go to Burlesque Show
6) Go to Drag Show
7) Go to Columbus Museum of Art
8) Go to Gallery Hop
9) Get a Massage
10) Get craft room set up in attic.
11) Read/listen to 10 books I have never read (I am up to 9 read)
12) Set up a functional work out schedule
13) Learn to resin cast
14) Update scrapbooks to current (I have fallen behind this year)
15) Learn to solder.
16) Do a personal swap on Craftster
17) Post 10 i…

A week until 30...

The last part of the week was a little crazy.

I took Thursday off, after having a minor panic attack, in order to finish writing a paper for my English class. It was totally worth the day, because I got a great paper written, and I was paid a great compliment from my professor. Said professor is really pushing me to become an English major. He pointed out that if I get my bachelor's degree in English I can just go take a test and then work as a paralegal anyway. I have to say that his words are getting through. He obviously sees something in me that is making him take such an interest in my major, and (let's be honest) that is the major I  really want to pursue. So now I am torn again. My mom said something that really made me think too. She said, sweets if you were really set on the paralegal path then what he said wouldn't effect you, and she's right. This quarter I am continuing with the paralegal path, but I may talk to my professor and see what the options are.