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Just a quick post to say...

Happy Halloween!! And a Blessed Samhain!

Halloween Party 2012

Greetings and welcome!!  Don't worry...
I do so hope you will join myself and my companions for a bite to eat and a cup of tea.  You will!!  Hip, hip, Huzzah!! 
Which cup do you prefer?  I'll pour you the white. 

Don't mind the spiders, they just sleep in the saucer. 
Would you care for some cheese? 

It appears someone else would. 

And someone else is eyeing the mouse.  Now, Miss Samhain, is that anyway to treat a guest? 

Would you care for a cupcake? 

Add your own toppings. 

Mom thinks the icing tastes just right. 

More tea please. 

There are spirits in the crystal skull. 

Please help yourself. 

Are you having fun, and enjoying the tea? 

The first Halloween Party, or being Snow White

We went to Pennsylvania over the weekend to attend the first Halloween party of the season at the home of my friends Jen and Chris. Their theme was to come as a cartoon, so I was Snow White and Seth was a viking from How To Train Your Dragon. Jen after some last minute costume setbacks was Ther, the female Thor, and Chris was Heman.

And life goes back to normal

Except now I am Mrs. White. Have I told you guys that I am considering changing my middle name too? It started as a joke, but now I am seriously considering changing my name to Betsy Snow White. Too silly? I don't know, but I kind of love it. We shall see.

Speaking of my favorite Fairy Tale, my Halloween costume arrived today. It's Snow White, only a little sexy, and it lights up!! OMG!! I could not possibly resist that. It's from one of the super smutty costume groups, but it's not near as bad as most, though it is really short. I got ruffled pants for under it so my butt doesn't show. All I need now is a black wig. I bought the gloves, tights, rufflies, and I'm wearing shoes I already own.

My first Halloween party of the season is this weekend. I am so excited!! We will be driving over to PA to my friends Jen and Chris' house. Jen told me tonight that they are having a cereal buffet. I don't know what that means exactly, but I think it sounds awesome.…

My Wedding!!

Here are some pictures from my wedding. I haven't gotten the pictures from my photographer, but these are some my mother, and friends got. Not too many from the actual ceremony, but you get the idea.

It was a beautiful day. The ceremony went amazing. My mother rocked as our officiant and Seth and I's vows were personal, and funny, and touching. Altogether it was a truly amazing event. I feel so completely blessed.