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April showers...

Bring May flowers.

And hopefully a lot more sanity for me. :) My classes are keeping me jumping and running, but I am maintaining an A in both classes, so I guess it's worth it. If I keep going as I am I will have my associates degree in English. Soon I will get to shop for a new school to finish my bachelor's degree and hopefully my master's and phd in time. High hopes, but I know I can do it.

We are coming into Renaissance Faire season, and my new bodices arrived yesterday. I ordered them from the beyond fabulous OddBodkin. I got a blue and white striped goddess bodice that looks like this...

and a black brigantine that I could not find a good image of, but I will post photos of it when I am wearing it soon enough. Our first major faire of the year is the Ashville Viking Festival, which is next weekend!! I am so excited to get out and see my rennie friends. 
I am planning a giveaway for Beltane and I know exactly what I am going to create to give. I am going to buy suppl…

Get your Glow on

The Rum Runners were back in action over the weekend in the Glo Run. Our team consisted of my friends Janet and Sheryl, Seth and me, of course. The run started at 8:45pm and it is fun to do a walk at night. Here is what it looked like.

Eggs and Updates

I hosted my egg decorating party again over the weekend. It was almost too fun. We tried some new dyeing techniques like the shaving cream/ food coloring method which makes them tie-dyed. They looked great and were so fun to make though a bit messy.

This weekend we are going to the first renaissance faire of the year and I am doing my first 5k. The 5k is the Glo Run. I have so much glow in the dark stuff for this it's ridiculous. The walk starts at 8:00pm so you are actually walking in the dark. I am so excited. Expect pictures. :)