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I just realized something...

My one year blog-a-versary is February 25th. Be on the look out for fun things and something special that day. I'm plotting and planning. Muah-ha-ha.

I've started something and I like it.

I am learning something about myself while completing my 30 by 30 list. I am learning that apparently I work really well when I set myself mini goals with time limits. I had never really used that approach, but it definitely works for me. Now I think I am just going to keep making myself little goal sets to get things done and make myself get out and experience things. I think a list of larger goals with limits is coming too. Stay posted.

Changing topics it is a month until my birthday. Yep a month until I am officially thirty. Still have some list items to take care of but tonight I thought I would share some things I would love to get for my birthday.

Roller Derby Workout Video
This Awesome Bag.
A Pink Cuckoo Clock!!!
Cause it's true!!
I think these speak for themselves... they have a pair that says bookworm too. 
There is much more, but this is a start. :) 


I spent today studying and winding down from the exciting weekend I had.

On Friday night Seth and I went with his parents to dinner at bd's mongolian barbecue, which is always yummy, and then went to watch the Columbus Blue Jackets play the Colorado Avalanche. I love hockey, and this was the first game I had been to where Columbus won. w00t.

After the game we met my mom and sister at home, and we all headed downtown to Wall Street Lounge for the Red Light Girlie Lounge burlesque show. Really it was a series of three burlesque shows spread over a few hours. And... in the first show came the beautiful Ciara Mist, a gorgeous drag queen who had a couple of fantastic numbers. And what does that mean... yep I took care of two items from my list in one amazing and glittering swoop. Here are some of the less risque pictures from the show. It was a fantastic show and makes me want to do burlesque.
The host - Holly Hahn
Beautiful Belly-Dancer Jennifer Chandler

Pandora Foxx
Cherry LaVoix
Kat Colo…

I'm alive... really...

I know it has been a couple of days since I have posted anything. I was sick last week and then had complications from my antibiotic that made life generally unpleasant. I am much better now. Thankfully.

I have also been working on my latest project for English, which is that we had to create a "class" and will be making a power point presentation to convince people to take the class and give the basics of the theme. And what did I make my class theme? The title is Fishnets and Full-Contact and my class pitch was...Take a colorful romp into the resurgence of women's roller derby, and the amazing effect it has had on the feminist movement and the way women are viewed as athletes. How much fun is that!! I am having the best time getting my sources together.

This weekend is going to be insane. Friday night we are going with Seth's parents to a hockey game, the Columbus Blue Jackets vs the Colorado Avalanche. After that we are meeting my mom and sister to head to Wall St…

Do what you love and love what you do.

I have a dilemma. Currently I am enrolled in a community college as a Paralegal Studies major. I chose this major because there are numerous job openings for paralegals and the idea of the work seemed interesting. The first quarter I couldn't get into any of my major courses so I took my first required math and English classes. Right away I began to remember how much I love English, and love to read and write. I ended up passing my English class with a high A and had the teacher ask to use two of my essays as teaching aides.
So now I am into my second quarter and I took my second required English class and Intro to Paralegal. What I am finding, though, is that being a paralegal is not what I thought it was, and I'm not sure it's what I would like to do. My English class though is amazing again and I love it. I just got my first paper back and I got a 100% on it.
So, my dilemma is... do I just muscle on through Paralegal because it's what I have started. Or... do I swit…