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A Bit of History...

In the midst of all the moves, my aunt decided she needed to find a new home for the Victrola that belonged to my Grandfather's mother. It is a beautiful thing and I gladly offered it a home. Once I got it home, I put it all back together to see if it would still play. I remembered it working when I was a little girl, but had no idea what might have happened over time. I wound the crank and put on a record of bagpipes, placed the needle and turned on the turntable, and then there was music!! It was in perfect working order. Here are some photos of the beautiful old thing.

My life exploded!!

The past several weeks have been crazy. We saw my little sister off to basic training. We helped move my aunt and uncle one weekend, and my mother the next. I started weight watchers again. I am back in school 4 nights a week. I completed and sent a craft swap for wwp (witchy, wiccan, and pagan). It's no wonder I am having occasional panic attacks.

Here are some pictures of the going away party we had for my sister. I bought all the decorations in the little boys birthday area, lol.

I will play more catch up as the week progresses. :)