Tying the Knot Tuesday

We are now under 4 months until the big day. Can I scream yet? Lol. Actually things have started to come together in the strangest ways and it looks like I will not have to flip out and cancel the wedding. I'm just kidding, but I really was beginning to panic at the number of things we still had up in the air at this late date. But we have really kicked our butts into gear and gotten a lot of things done, started, actually thought about, that hadn't been yet.

We went to a gaming convention (Origins) last weekend and we got the first of the stuffers for our favor bags. Seth and I had a good portion of our initial courtship happen during two RPG games we were both involved in, so we decided to put random dice into the favor bags. At origins you can buy a pitcher full for $39, so we did a whole pitcher. This should give us enough to put two per bag.

Also while at Origins I fell in love with and bought a corset to go under my dress for the wedding. The nice thing is that it is something I can use beyond the wedding for Faire and Steampunk stuff. 
Laid out. 

A close up of the fabric. 
We also found at a thrift store for $2 what I think will be Seth and I's toasting glasses. They are silver and brass and so lovely. The silver plate is coming off the outside a bit, but we actually like the appearance it gives so we are going to use them anyway. They need more and better polishing, but you can get the idea. 

I have also picked up some trims and fabrics to use in the decoration of various wedding related crafts. We are going to make yo-yo's of various fabrics to add to the waistband of my dress, the waist band of Traci's dress and to my shoes. Here are some photos of the fabrics, etc. including half a yard of oh too sumptuous chocolate brown polyester velvet. 

Then on Saturday, Seth and I went to my hometown of Newark to the Buckeye Winery to make some wine for our wedding. After much tasting we decided on two different wines to make for the wedding, Loquat Ginger and Pomegranate Wildberry "Eternity". After waiting a few minutes while they got ready for us, and choosing two different personalize labels for our bottles, we went back and got to mix up and "start" our wines. Then in 4-6 weeks we will return to the winery to bottle, cork and label our wine. How cool is that. Here are some photos of Seth and I creating our wedding wines. 

stirring in the water conditioner

Adding the juice concentrates

Wow that's dark, the wine is a white. 

Adding lots and lots of water. 

A hydrometer tells us that the sugar levels are just right for wine.

Loquat Ginger ready for lidding. 

Seth adding water conditioner

Adding the juice concentrate. 

Make sure you get it all. 

Adding pitcherfuls of water. 

And still more water. 

It's almost black. 

Putting in the yeast...the most important part. 

Seth pounds down the lid. 
This week we are going to finalize with the caterer, hopefully get the guys kilts ordered and I am going to work on flowers since I have a week off from school. My mom is working on my jacket, or at least on a mockup to make sure we like the fit, etc. It is really beginning to come together. Ideas are flowing and beginning to flesh out. I am beginning to breathe again. 4 months to go. 


Emi Brade said…
What great work! That wine sounds super tastey!
Toriz said…
That's great that it's all coming together; and awesome about you doing your own wine. I love how you're doing so much of it yourself!

I love the dice thing too; cute!

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