And life goes back to normal

Except now I am Mrs. White. Have I told you guys that I am considering changing my middle name too? It started as a joke, but now I am seriously considering changing my name to Betsy Snow White. Too silly? I don't know, but I kind of love it. We shall see.

Speaking of my favorite Fairy Tale, my Halloween costume arrived today. It's Snow White, only a little sexy, and it lights up!! OMG!! I could not possibly resist that. It's from one of the super smutty costume groups, but it's not near as bad as most, though it is really short. I got ruffled pants for under it so my butt doesn't show. All I need now is a black wig. I bought the gloves, tights, rufflies, and I'm wearing shoes I already own.

My first Halloween party of the season is this weekend. I am so excited!! We will be driving over to PA to my friends Jen and Chris' house. Jen told me tonight that they are having a cereal buffet. I don't know what that means exactly, but I think it sounds awesome. Cereal and liquor should be an amazing combination. Pictures to come. :) 


Queenie Believe said…
Betsy Snow White is fun and when you need to be all adult and professional and stuff you could be Betsy S. White ;o)
Have a big fun at the Halloween party, your costume sounds faboooo.
Always, Queenie
Celia said…
i LOVE betsy snow white!!!! can't wait to see pictures of your party!! i don't think i have ever been to a halloween's my favorite time of year.....but i don't know anyone who throws halloween parties or who loves this season as much as i do!!!

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