April showers...

Bring May flowers.

And hopefully a lot more sanity for me. :) My classes are keeping me jumping and running, but I am maintaining an A in both classes, so I guess it's worth it. If I keep going as I am I will have my associates degree in English. Soon I will get to shop for a new school to finish my bachelor's degree and hopefully my master's and phd in time. High hopes, but I know I can do it.

We are coming into Renaissance Faire season, and my new bodices arrived yesterday. I ordered them from the beyond fabulous OddBodkin. I got a blue and white striped goddess bodice that looks like this...

and a black brigantine that I could not find a good image of, but I will post photos of it when I am wearing it soon enough. Our first major faire of the year is the Ashville Viking Festival, which is next weekend!! I am so excited to get out and see my rennie friends. 

I am planning a giveaway for Beltane and I know exactly what I am going to create to give. I am going to buy supplies and get it ready to go. Stay tuned.

More soon.


Carmen said…
Oooooh!!! What a gorgeous bodice!

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