Starting a new year

And it is 2015. I will be 34 in a couple months. We will celebrate our third anniversary. I will have a year without school so we can get ready for the chaos of finishing my bachelor's degree.
 I am looking at this as a rebuilding year, getting ready for the things ahead.
My word of the year is: Evolve.
This year I am going to work on making my life work more efficiently. I will be adjusting and adapting in preparation for what is ahead.
My 2015 goals are: to complete 6+ 5ks, 10ks or whatever, to do a mud run, to take a pole dance class, do more with the lost vikings, attend Earth Warrior's again, do a ropes course or zip line, attend another pagan event, get bowling ball drilled, bowl a 200 game, go hiking 6+ times, go camping, take a class from Heather at Violet Flame Gifts, Find a new gym that offers group fitness, keep my house picked up at all times, do paintball, get necessary house repairs done, work on meditation.
I have a good start on a lot of this, and I feel like this is all possible to complete in a year.
I had my first attempt at a 5k on Saturday. I braved subzero temperatures with some of my friends to do the first in a series called the Fantastic Frigid 5k. We had unforeseen medical issues though when my friend's insulin pump got too cold and started fritzing. We decided to stop where we were since we had no way of knowing if she was having sugar issues. So we actually only  walked about a mile, but she learned something about her pump in extreme cold. The next run/walk is on the 24th and next time we will be ready.
Me, Janet and Buffy.
I have work tomorrow and then a super long weekend. I am having a minor medical procedure on Wednesday, and took Thursday just in case I am not feeling well. Then looking at the calendar I thought I am not coming in on Friday after two days off and then having a three day weekend, so I just scheduled it all. :)
More soon,


Jadene Oquendo said…
The word of the year is perfect and a good way to push for a better year.

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