Belly Dancers and Vikings...must be Ashville

It is that time of year again. Time for fun, fraternizing and furs at the Ashville Viking Festival.
Oh, and also for the beautiful bounty of belly dance that is the Odin's Orchids.
Saturday was rainy and cold, but we were solid Vikings and endured. I wasn't able to get a great number of pictures Saturday, because the rain was so steady, but I did get some gorgeous pictures of the Belly Dancers.

The lovely Coleen.

The fierce Aerianna.

Be on your guard.

The wonderful Amani.

So beautiful.

The radiant Bonnie.

Balancing an oar on her head.

The fabulous Inari.


The incomparable Laylia.   

            Minstrel Woode meets Bob Ford and the Ragamuffins

The Ragamuffins


Sunday was beautiful, and so many people came out to play. Seth was working overtime, so my mom came with me. We had a great time and got a ton more pictures.
Nuri finishing a minion

Viking encampment

So many vikings.

Coleen, mugging for the camera.


Warrior Woman!

Dance, Gypsy, Dance.

Baby belly dance fairy.

Amani leads in tribal.

 I am a viking wench!

Dwarven Armor

Abernathy becomes a helicopter.

There are so many more photos on my facebook page if you are interested.
More to come on my finds, buys, and a recent swap. 



Kathie Truitt said…
Girl, you know how to have fun!

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