It's just like riding a bike.

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I did not end up taking the new job. It is a long story, but is all for the best. I am happy where I am, and I feel like this is directing me in a different way, so I am moving on and looking forward.
Around the same time we got a call that Seth's Grandma White, who was battling lung cancer, had taken a down turn and we should come see her. We spent some time with her for a couple of days, and then she passed. Seth's dad took it very hard, since Grandpa White passed away less than a year before. Seth was sad, but knew that in the long run it is better that she is not suffering.
On August 8 I dedicated my 25 mile ride in Pelotonia to Seth's grandma. I had decorated my bike, and it looked so cute. I also made a black arm band that said "riding in memory of Charlene White". I learned a lot in my first year. I will never ride it again on a cruiser bike, there were hard core riders passing me telling me how brave I was; um, what?! I also got many votes for best bike, lol. Maybe that evens it all out. I had to walk up a hill or two, but I am sincerely proud that I made it all 25 miles. Next year my mom is thinking of joining me, and we will train up to 50 miles.

Handlebar streamers made of ribbon, yarn, lace, etc,

Skull and crossbones on my basket.

Matching Streamers for my hair.

Almost ready to go.

Waiting to start photos.

You can really see the armband in this one.

Almost time selfie.

Half way point selfie.

Crossing the finish line.

Ready for a margarita.

This was an amazing experience. I am so proud of myself for making it through. And for meeting my fundraising goals. Go me.



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