Magickal Monday - The Mind Blind Witch

Magickal Monday

This weeks three card spread is the Build a Bridge Spread from as found on Pinterest. 

1. What is your current situation? - XII The Hanged Man - Feeling trapped. Confined. Self-limiting. Uncertainty. Lack of Direction. Indecision. Needing release. Letting go. Take a chance, and make things happen. 

2. What do you really want? - Queen of Swords - Quick thinker. Organized. Perceptive. Independent. Highly Intelligent. 

3. What is the best strategy to get you there? - Two of Wands - Creative use of energy. Bringing together ideas. Focusing on a single objective. Working together for a common goal. Unifying forces. 

This makes sense to me. I am indecisive and pretty resistant to change. I want to be a person who can make smart quick decisions. To get there I need to use what is good about both these sides of me, and combine them to reach my goals. 


So...several months ago an online friend (Danni) posted a link to an article that was talking about a mental condition called aphantasia. The post looked like this: 

"I opened my Facebook chat list and hunted green dots like Pac-Man. Any friend who happened to be online received what must’ve sounded like a hideous pick-up line at 2 o’clock in the morning:
—If I ask you to imagine a beach, how would you describe what happens in your mind?
—Uhh, I imagine a beach. What?
—Like, the idea of a beach. Right?
—Well, there are waves, sand. Umbrellas. It’s a relaxing picture. You okay?
—But it’s not actually a picture? There’s no visual component?
—Yes there is, in my mind. What the hell are you talking about?
—Is it in color?
—How often do your thoughts have a visual element?
—A thousand times a day?
—Oh my God."
You guys. This is me. I had no idea there was an actual term for it.
This is why meditation makes me frustrated instead of chill. If you ask me to "picture" a pie, I can't. I sort of list out the elements of a pie in my head, maybe I'll have an emotional response, but I don't have an actual image. Or scents. Or anything sensory.
My mind is blown.
Blake Ross
This will probably rank as my strangest week ever. Here's the story of what happened.
I just learned something about you and it is blowing my goddamned mind.
This is not a joke. It is not “blowing my mind” a la BuzzFeed’s “8 Things You Won’t Believe About Tarantulas.” It is, I think, as close to an honest-to-goodness revelation as I will ever live in the flesh.
Here it is: You can visualize things in your mind.

you can see the whole article here

I experienced the same aha moment. I don't see things in my head. I don't visualize. If you ask me to picture red I actually start listing things that I know to be red: stop sign, cardinal, apple, etc. but I don't see anything.

This has always been a hurdle for me, especially as an active witch, because I cannot visualize. I have begun to think of myself as mind blind. And I have begun to adjust my practice around this realization. Rather than become anxious because many meditations do not work for me, I am learning to work with my strange weakness.

Anyone else mind blind out there? Anyone have an interest in how I work things out?



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