The date is set...

and it is October 6, 2012.(Thank you Andreann. I was rushing myself a I know that is two years away, but since I am planning to craft as much as possible I am going to need the extra time. Plus with Seth and I paying for the whole wedding it gives us time to get funds together and divide the cost over time. I have a lot of ideas, and am planning to start working on some of the craftier stuff soon. My mom is going to make my dress and probably at least pieces for the entire bridal party. The bridal party is not going to be very big. Right now we are thinking just a Maid of Honor, Best Man and Flower Girl. Oh and my oldest friend will have a special role as Ring Misress, lol, as long as she accepts. My mom got this amazing silver box at Swappers Day for free I think and we are going to use that as the "ring pillow". All it needs is a good polishing and some tlc.

I am going to try really hard not to turn this into a wedding blog. lol. So...I'm going to limit how often I can talk about it. I am becoming unfortunately wedding obsessed. It's important but it can not be my life for the next two years. Sheesh.

On the weight loss front I am now down 26.5 pounds and still going strong. I am fitting into clothes I haven't been able to for a while. And I was able to wear my oh so gorgeous and expensive leather bodice for the first time since I received it. I had ordered it and then paid for it over time, but by the time I received it I couldn't fit in it. I got to wear it for the first time on our trip to MIRF. That is the reward of weight loss.

I will have some crafty pictures later this week. I'm working on a lot of things and will hopefully get some completed and photographed. :)


AndrĂ©ann said…
you wrote 2010, honey! :P I told to myself it was pretty quick, haha!

Congrats again. That weight lost is impressive. you'll look stunning at your wedding for sure!

You know, it's your blog and you can talk about anything you want in it... I'm not found of weddings, but I love to know details of those of people I know :)
D.Suplicki said…
Congratulations again on the engagement!! And congratulations on the weight loss, you're doing an amazing job!

I hope you'll share what you're working on for your wedding as you go. I'd love to see all the crafts and hear about the planning and dresses and oh, goddess cake!

I think sometimes I'd like to marry Joe all over again so I can finally have that piece of wedding cake the servers at my wedding neglected to feed me... ho hum. ;)
I am all for hearing about your wedding stuff! Fun. and congrats on your weight loss.

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