There is more to life than the Wedding.

I had a very sudden but not altogether shocking realization that the wedding is 2 years away, but I start school next Wednesday, maybe be starting a belly dance class in the next couple of weeks and I am planning to have a Halloween party in a little over a month. Maybe I should start turning my attention more to these things and put the wedding on a back burner. I told you I was going wedding crazy, lol.
I got my book money from the school in the mail today which is exciting. I am going to run over to the college on Saturday to buy books for my classes and get my picture taken for my school ID. It's funny because I don't think I have realized that I am actually going to school. It hasn't quite sunk in. I guess I will understand on Wednesday when I have my first class.
I am trying to find a belly dance class that does not conflict with my classes and are closer to home. My other classes were on the other side of town so I would either have to entertain myself for 2 hours and eat at a restaurant or come home, eat and head back over, either way it was costing a lot of money. I want to take classes from Laylia, who is a performer at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. In fact I think I posted her picture the other day with the other Renaissance Faire pics. I am not sure if it is going to work out though. There are other places close to home that I can look at too. We shall see.
The Halloween party I will tell you guys about as I am planning. Something to talk about for the Halloween/ Samhain Blog Party. Woohoo!!


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