I'm officially the big three-oh...

So... I'm 30. And I got 19 items out of 30 completed from my 30 by 30. I am going to give myself to the end of the month to finish the remaining 11 items. A lot of the craft related goals will be much easier to finish now that my craft room is pretty much functional. I just need a good big table for the middle. I am going to hit a thrift store next week while I'm off to hopefully find one.

1) Go Sledding (we're researching hills, so it should happen soon)
2) Fly a Kite (I have the kite, just need a good day)
3) Paintball/ Lazer Tag
4) See Cirque du Soliel (Feb 12)
5) Go to Burlesque Show
6) Go to Drag Show
7) Go to Columbus Museum of Art
8) Go to Gallery Hop
9) Get a Massage
10) Get craft room set up in attic.
11) Read/listen to 10 books I have never read (I am up to 9 read)
12) Set up a functional work out schedule
13) Learn to resin cast
14) Update scrapbooks to current (I have fallen behind this year)
15) Learn to solder.
16) Do a personal swap on Craftster
17) Post 10 items to Craftster Boards
18) Craft at least 12 items
19) Buy risque undergarments
20) Hit 50+ pounds lost (changing this as adding more regular exercise has changed the way weight loss is going)
21) Get a daring hair cut (Saturday)
22) Try Indian food.
23) Have a really good photo taken( Saturday?)
24) Go get a makeover in Sephora
25) Get a City of Heroes Character to 40 (currently level 35)
26) Plan a big birthday party (The date is set, just gotta work on the rest)
27) Dare to wear a pencil skirt  
28) Have eyebrows waxed (Saturday)
29) Go rollerskating at least once every 2 weeks
30) Craft at least 5 items for myself. 

I will post the great photos from my ladies day with my mom and sister tomorrow. I am waiting for my sister to forward the photos to me. It was a great time though, and not only did we have a great time shopping, but we also got my craft room moved to the attic. :) My family is so amazing.

Seth got me a big birthday present of an Ipod classic... 160 GB of music space... sigh... so amazing. I am planning to get him a Wii. There are so many fun games for the system, and they are nice and active. :) And the Wii has Jam City Rollergirls.

More tomorrow.


AndrĂ©ann said…
Happy Birthday sweet girl! What do you want to swap?

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