Craft Swaps, Mail and I'm a Winner!!

Since I have been missing from the world. I sent out my Alice swap package and my partner received. Here is what I sent her.
An apron which I was proud of because I made it without a pattern.

I made a fascinator with a painted rose and a spool of thread. 

A bracelet with Alice based charms. 

Two garden/ flower pot mushrooms. 

A talking flower pin, I made the face from shrinky dink, a wooden dormouse pencil sharpener and a wind up Caterpillar

I also included some Disney Alice stickers and a deck of playing cards. 

Last week I also received a card in the mail from the lovely Miss Lou of elousions as part of her Snail Mail Project. I was so excited to get mail. Here is the card and the lovely inclusion she sent me

And speaking of the lovely Miss Lou, I found out yesterday that I won her latest giveaway on her blog. It's for an inspiration book, and I am so excited that I won. If you are curious you can see exactly what I won here.

I also have to share the gorgeous jewelry piece that Seth made for me. It's a rosary piece but in place of the typical catholic symbols are a pentacle and a Pisces pendant. His chain mail just keeps getting better. I wish I could get a better picture, but you can get the idea. 


The Blue Faerie said…
I love the apron and the bracelet! They'd go perfectly together! :)

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