Yule Blessings!!

To celebrate Yule here with my blog friends I thought I would share the crafts I recently sent and received in the craftster WWP Yule swap. My partner was the amazing Jennden who sent an absolutely fabulous package. I hope she loves mine half as much as I love the package she sent me. First what I sent to her. She requested a handmade Goddess and God for her altar so I decided to sew them for her, then I painted her a moon painting in miniature, two bracelets, two ornaments, two bottles and a box full of candles and stones. Oh and a jingle bell necklace, just because it's fun. 

This is the beautiful package I received. She made me a beautiful Yule sign, an adorable bag full of ornaments and a cute little wreath, a yule log and a box filled with sparkly candle holders, a crystal and a pendant made from a fork wrapped around a tiger's eye. 

Blessed Yule!!! 


Queenie Believe said…
Blessed Yule to you and yours!!!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie
Kathie Truitt said…
Cute things. Loved the yule log best. Thanks for keeping us entertained this year. Looking forward to more of 'AlphaBetsy' in 2013.

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