Winter Pagan Fitness Challenge - Goals

To jump start me back into good behavior, and get myself back on the right track, I decided to sign up again for the pagan fitness challenge. I have done it before fairly successfully, but this time I am going to pull out the stops and make myself push harder. This challenge goes to just after my birthday, which is March 14, so I am considering this a til my b-day goal list. I already had on my list of yearly goals a couple of health/fitness goals. Those are:

I will register and run warrior dash again (and do it in under 1 hour)
I will start taking belly dance again.
I will keep up my healthy diet and exercise program, and get down to a size 10. 
I will get to where I can do 25 regular push-ups. 
I will start skating and training for Roller Derby again. 
I will find a new family Dr. and go get a full physical, and get all my blood levels, etc. checked. 

These are great long term goals, but for this challenge I am going to set several smaller and more realistic. 

I will get back on track and lose 10 pounds. 
I will exercise at least 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week. 
I will do more weight lifting and work more on building muscle. 

And I will set goals based on the elements. 

Earth - I will eat less processed foods, and more fresh/natural foods.
Air - I will be able to take the stairs from 1-5 at work without getting completely out of breath. 
Fire - I will keep myself motivated and regain my iron will-power. 
Water - I will drink at least 10 cups of water per day. 
Spirit - I will begin taking belly dance classes again. 

I will be tracking my progress using myfitnesspal (AlphaBetsy31 if you would like to friend me) to track calories and exercise, and by monitoring my weight and measurements. In the spirit of full disclosure I am going to post my current weight, and size, as well as my current measurements. I am going to do the deed tomorrow and add them to the sidebar of my blog in the block where I am tracking my broom points.

I am unfortunately sick currently, and working out while coughing is always a challenge, so I am hoping to really get started later this week, or early next.



Anonymous said…
What a great start! These are great goals. I keep hearing about fitnesspal. A friend of mine recommended it a couple weeks ago along with you guys at the blog. I do have one question though. What's a warrior dash? It's sounds really cool.
AlphaBetsy said…
Warrior Dash is a 5k and obstacle course. I did it in 2010 with a friend and am eager to do it again. It is challenging, crazy and so much fun. And I am in much better shape now than I was then, so it should be even more fun, since I will be able to keep up better.
AutumnWind said…
Great goals. I also plan on losing 10 lbs during the challenge. I think it is totally do-able! I track via weight watchers but I will have to check out the fitnesspal. I have heard a lot about it lately. The Warrior Dash sounds fun, I used to love to run but now my knees hurt if I do so I walk really fast LOL!
Ani said…
Great goals! I love that your goal size is a size 10 and not say a 2 or 4! Mine is also a size 10. Curvy girls are way hotter than Skeletors!

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